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November - 2008 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Fort Collins Earns Bicycle Friendly Community --Gold Level

Bicycling is big in Fort Collins. The weather is great, we have mostly flat terrain, and plenty of bike lanes to get us where were going safely. Investing in bicycle friendly amenities makes smart business sense. When people bike to and from work, they save money on gas and car maintenance. That little bit of extra cash is then plugged into the local economy. A strong bicycle culture also attracts quality employers and employees.

The League of American Bicyclist recognizes U.S. communities with strong bike cultures because biking is one way to positively impact the environment and supports our healthy, vibrant community. Bicycle shops, restaurants with bicycle themes and hundreds of miles of trails give Fort Collins the edge over other communities. If its been awhile since you last rode a two-wheeler, try it again and feel the Fort Collins bike love.