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Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment Replacement Incentives#

Mow Down Pollution Equipment Exchange Program#

This is an image of the Mow Down Pollution logo which features a stylized lawn mower design.

The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) Mow Down Pollution Program

YOU have the power to help clean up the air! Gas-powered lawn mowers emit greenhouse gases and contribute to ground-level ozone pollution. Electric mowers are quiet, start instantly, and don’t require gas, engine oil, fuel filters and other related maintenance. And, there are no fumes to breathe as you are mowing your lawn!

The Regional Air Quality Council's (RAQC) Mow Down Pollution (MDP) program generally accepts applications beginning in late April or May for vouchers toward the purchase of a new electric lawnmower in partnership with local retailers. 

NEW! for 2023:

  • Voucher Options:
    • $75 voucher for handheld electric equipment (e.g., string trimmer, leaf blower): Recycling of a gas powered item is mandatory.
    • $75 voucher for electric lawn mower: No recycling is necessary, as we want to encourage eco-friendliness.
    • $150 voucher for electric lawn mower: Recycling of a gas mower is required.
  • Fort Collins Participating Retailers (visit for locations outside of Fort Collins):
    • The Home Depot--both Fort Collins locations
    • Ace Hardware--only the Harmony location

Visit for the latest program information. This program is not managed by the City of Fort Collins and questions related to the program should be directed to However, if you find yourself not getting the service or response you need, we are happy to help and feel free to email Jason Komes, Senior Environmental Specialist, at 

Visit the Mow Down Pollution website for more information


For more information about the RAQC program, please contact the RAQC directly via their website. For other air quality related matters, contact Jason Komes | Senior Environmental Specialist | 970-416-4235 |

Visit the RAQC's Mow Down Pollution Program