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Lawn and Garden Equipment Rebates

How Rebates Work

Rebate 1: Clean Lawn and Garden Equipment Purchase

Purchase eligible "clean" lawn and garden equipment for $99 or more each from one of the following Fort Collins retailers during the rebate period, and get a $25 rebate.  (Maximum rebate is $50 per applicant – on-line purchases are not eligible).

Note: Each piece of equipment must be $99 or more, not a combined total, and purchased during the rebate period (May 1st through July 31st)

Eligible Clean Lawn and Garden Equipment include:

  • Reel (push) lawnmowers
  • Electric, battery-powered or corded:
    • Lawnmowers
    • String Trimmers
    • Hedge Trimmers
    • Leaf blowers
    • Edgers
    • Chain saws
    • Pole saws
    • Cultivators/tiller

Eligible Local Retailers:

Store Address


Best Rental 1540 Riverside Ave 970-282-0700
Ace Hardware of Fort Collins 1001 E Harmony Rd 970-223-9273
Downtown Ace Hardware 215 S College Ave 970-224-4437
Home Depot 4502 JFK Pkwy 970-206-0774
Home Depot 1251 E Magnolia St 970-224-1239
Lowe's  4227 Corbett Dr 970-232-7910

Rebate 2: Lawnmower Recycling

Recycle one properly drained gas powered lawnmower and get a $25 rebate (maximum rebate is $50 per applicant; online purchase are not eligible).

*Be sure to have them stamp your rebate form to acknowledge your lawnmower was properly recycled*

Store Address


Timberline Recycling Center-Hard to Recycle Materials Yard 1903 S Timberline Rd 970-221-6600
Colorado Iron and Metal 903 Buckingham St 970-482-7707


Rebate 3: Purchase of One Season of Clean Lawn Care

Purchase one season of “Clean” lawn care from Clean Air Lawn Care, and get a $25 rebate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
Can I get a $25 rebate for just recycling an old mower?
Do I have to recycle an old gas mower to be eligible for this program?
Can I buy a mower on-line or from a non-participating retailer, and recycle my old mower, and still get the rebates?
How long does it take to get the rebate check?
How will I know if the rebate funding is used up before July 31, 2018?


For more information, call 970-221-6600 or contact Jason Komes | Senior Air Quality Program Coordinator | 970-416-4235 | amtvbWVzQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==