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Air Quality

Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment Replacement Incentives#

RAQC's "Mow Down Pollution" Lawnmower Exchange Program Closed for 2021#

RAQC's "Mow Down Pollution" Lawnmower Exchange Program Closed for 2021

Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) Mow Down Pollution Lawnmower Exchange Program

**The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) 2021 Mow Down Pollution program is now closed. Any questions related to the program should be directed to** 

Thank you to all who participated in 2021, 183 community members received $150 vouchers toward the purchase of new electric mowers. Together, we accomplished removing:

  • 43 pounds of Nitrogen Oxide, an important ozone precursor.  Nitrogen oxides are created when air (which is 20% oxygen, O2, and 80% Nitrogen, N2) moved through the intense heat and pressure of the internal combustion engine. 
  • 417 pounds of Volatile Organic Compounds, the other most important ozone precursor, which comes from the gasoline we use to power our vehicles.
  • 4,758 pounds of Carbon Monoxide, a toxic air pollutant that affects human health, especially among sensitive populations.
  • 89,670 pounds of greenhouse gas pollution, in the form of carbon dioxide, one of the most important greenhouse gases.

These reductions are equivalent to removing 550 car commuters off the road for two days a week, for an entire year. 

Excellent work, Fort Collins! Stay tuned and visit or in May 2022 for information on lawnmower replacement incentives. 


For more information about available lawn and garden equipment rebates or air quality related matters, call 970-221-6600 or contact Jason Komes | Environmental Specialist | 970-416-4235 |