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Air Quality

Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment Rebates#

**2021 Mow Down Pollution Program Currently Paused**#

**2021 Mow Down Pollution Program Currently Paused**

The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) Mow Down Pollution Program

**The 2021 Mow Down Pollution program has been paused as the RAQC is evaluating applications and available funding. However, you may join a waitlist. Should funding become available, you will receive an email from the RAQC authorizing you to proceed to the next step of the process. Any questions related to the program should be directed to Please read below and/or visit for more information.**   

YOU have the power to help clean up the air! Gas-powered lawn mowers emit greenhouse gases and contribute to ground-level ozone pollution. Electric mowers are quiet, start instantly, and don’t require gas, engine oil, fuel filters and other related maintenance. And, there are no fumes to breathe as you are mowing your lawn!

The Regional Air Quality Council's (RAQC) 2021 Mow Down Pollution (MDP) program is now accepting applications for $150 vouchers toward the purchase of a new electric lawnmower in partnership with The Home Depot at 4502 JFK Parkway in Fort Collins. Please note: this is the only Home Depot location participating in Fort Collins.

The MDP program is open beginning May 10, 2021 and until the funding is expended.   

How Does It Work?

  1. Apply for a voucher at
  2. Within 21 days of receiving your Drop-Off Verification form, recycle your gas mower at an approved metal recycler.
  3. Submit your recycling receipt or Drop-Off Verification form to the Mow Down Pollution program, following directions provided in your Approved Applicant email. 
  4. Within 3-5 days, you will receive your $150 voucher to use in-person at the Service Desk at The Home Depot on JFK Parkway.

While this program is not managed by the City of Fort Collins, we are happy to help if you have questions. You may also visit the RAQC's Mow Down Pollution website for more information and contact them directly. 

Visit the Mow Down Pollution website for more information


For more information about available lawn and garden equipment rebates or air quality related matters, call 970-221-6600 or contact Jason Komes | Environmental Specialist | 970-416-4235 |