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Tip #200

Use properly set timers or photo sensors for outdoor lighting.

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Fort Collins Utilities is an equal opportunity residential and commercial utility service provider. We do not discriminate in the terms, conditions or provision of services based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin.

Fort Collins Utilities es una empresa proveedora de servicios públicos residenciales y comerciales con igualdad de oportunidad. No discriminamos en los términos, las condiciones o la provisión de servicios en base a raza, color, religión, sexo, discapacidad, estatus familiar o nacionalidad de origen.

Stream Rehabilitation Program

Areas along Fossil Creek are rapidly eroding.

The goals of the stream rehabilitation program vary depending on the project. Rehabilitation describes projects designed to repair areas of streams where the ecology, safety structure and water quality have changed over time. These sections have been impacted by human use and growth and cannot be completely restored to a state prior to human involvement. The Stormwater Master Plan identifies areas along the creeks in Fort Collins where rehabilitation projects are needed. Check out the proposed improvement maps.

Stream Rehabilitation Program goals:

  • Address poor aquatic habitat and unstable streams throughout Fort Collins while preserving natural and beneficial functions of floodplains
  • Increase emphasis on stormwater quality and protection of the City's urban watersheds
  • Incorporate the triple bottom line- environmental, social and economic benefits to the project and overall drainage basin

Fossil Creek Stream Rehabilitation Project

Projected start date: Fall/winter 2014, depending on permits.

Project purpose: Stabilize eroding banks, create sustainable native fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality in the stream.

To correct erosion and water quality problems, stream banks will be flattened to prevent further erosion. The rebuilt slopes will be replanted with native grasses, plants, and trees to provide new aquatic and riparian habitat for fish and wildlife. The stream channel will be relocated in select areas to prevent further movement.

What you can expect: The construction phase will last three to six months. During this time, you will see large construction equipment moving earth in and around the channel. Re-vegetation and planting will occur in early spring. The stream will have a temporary un-vegetated look while the newly planted native grasses, shrubs and trees establish.

The stream area will be off-limits to the public during construction and re-vegetation. Access to Fossil Creek Community Park will remain open throughout construction.

Two growing seasons, maybe more depending on rainfall, are needed for the grasses and plants to grow and be self-supporting.