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Lincoln Corridor

The purpose of the Lincoln Corridor Plan is to develop a compelling vision and to identify and prioritize improvements to the street and surrounding area.

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Lincoln Corridor Plan

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The Lincoln Corridor Plan was adopted by City Council on May 20, 2014.   Following adoption of the plan, next steps for implementation over the next few years include: coordination of development projects, securing funding for developing final design/construction plans for Lincoln, preparing final plans, finalize phased construction, and secure funding and implementation for neighborhood improvements. Copies of this plan and its appendices can be found in the download section on this page.

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Project Overview

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The Lincoln Corridor is unique.   The corridor is growing and already reflects an eclectic mix of existing uses-historic neighborhoods, retail, industrial, and natural areas-as well as a developing technology campus.   In addition, this portion of Lincoln Avenue lacks basic infrastructure in many places and needs to be brought up to current City standards.   Years ago Lincoln Avenue was a main entrance to downtown, and over the years it has declined in prominence.

City Plan (2011) identified the Lincoln Corridor as an important project and a gateway for the downtown and East Mulberry corridor area. In addition, City Plan recognized the potential for Lincoln to become a "Great Green Street" by developing a new road design to address context-sensitive solutions to connect with Downtown and surrounding areas. The Lincoln corridor is also recognized as a priority gateway in the Downtown Plan (1989) and the adopted Streetscape Standards which indicate where a standard arterial streetscape approach should apply and where other corridor segments and gateway intersections warrant their own tailored and more enhanced approach to streetscape design and management.

Based on this guidance, the new design for Lincoln Avenue in the Lincoln Corridor Plan ("the Plan") seeks to provide an enhanced level of amenities and a design that restores its importance as a primary entry to the heart of the City as well as providing an important connection from Downtown to the east and northeast.

The public process to develop the Plan was comprehensive. The Plan represents an attempt to balance the competing interests of various users as well as meet the intent of the City's Transportation Master Plan and other standards. The planning process was initiated in March 2013 and was led by a team of FC Moves and Planning staff, with support from a multi-departmental Technical Advisory Committee and consultants.

The Lincoln Corridor Plan also identifies a priority list of related neighborhood improvements that address existing deficiencies and that celebrate and enhance the surrounding neighborhoods. The Plan provides a guiding framework for the area and is flexible to meet changing conditions and circumstances. Initial project costs and potential phasing and funding have been identified in this framework plan and will be further refined during the future Final Design process.

The Plan is divided into three phases:

  • Phase I - Vision (April - July 2013)
  • Phase II - Corridor Design Alternatives (August - October 2013)
  • Phase III - Preferred Alternative/Implementation Planning (November 2013 - May 2014)

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Amy Lewin, Transportation Planner

Pete Wray, AICP, Senior City Planner

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