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The River District includes the area just northeast of Old Town Square including Jefferson, Linden, and Willow Streets and Lincoln Avenue. The project is a partnership between the City of Fort Collins and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) designed to create a new sense of place by making the area welcoming, visually pleasing, and ready for infill development. Transformation of the River District will start with the necessities, such as utility improvements, sidewalks and crosswalks, parking, and improved intersections.

Enhanced aesthetics and amenities in public areas such as an interpretive mill race water feature, brick streets, roundabouts, and art elements give people reason to linger, amble, and fully experience the district. Private investment will help complete the transition bringing restaurants with outdoor caf seating, galleries, uniquely Fort Collins retail stores, coffee shops, and more.

The Facts

The improvements made to the River District area have been designed to respect the Poudre River and its surrounding natural environment. All project elements support and follow the suggestions of the Poudre River Enhancement Project.

The River District Design Project is jointly funded by the City and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA).

The improvements made to the River District will allow trucks and other large vechicles to drive through the area and access local commercial and industrial buildings.

The River District project is just one of many large-scale projects taking place in Downtown and beyond. The River District works in partnership with Beet Street, UniverCity Connections, and the Mason Corridor to leverage ideas and resources.

The River District is the only area connecting Downtown, the Poudre River, agri-industrial architecture, and the rich history of Fort Collins.

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