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Hiring Process FAQs#

User Profile#

I already have a profile, how do I log in?

On the Job openings page, click on "Log In" in the upper right corner. Enter your email address and password to log in.

How do I change/reset my password?

To change your password, login to your profile then click "Change Password" on the upper right side of the page. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the "forgot password" link prior to logging into your profile.  Enter the email address you used when you created your user profile and a password reset email will be generated.

Applying for a Position#

How do I apply for a job with the City of Fort Collins?

All positions are posted on our Career Site. Click on the job title to view the complete job announcement. Within the job announcement, click on the orange "Apply Now" button to get started. This will prompt you to login or create a profile if you don't have one.

When are new positions posted?

Generally, we post vacancies on our website on Fridays. However, jobs can be posted at any time. Open positions are posted for a minimum of 5 working days.  We encourage you to check the website frequently.  You may also sign up for job alerts to be notified when new positions are available.

Do I have to complete a City application for each position I am interested in?

Yes, each position requires a separate application completed through our online system. Once created, the information entered into your online profile will be saved. You may use this information to apply to subsequent positions.

Where can I see the jobs I have applied for?

Once you have logged into your profile, select the "My Profile" link from the job openings page. Under "My Profile" you can view all jobs that you have applied for.

How do I voluntarily withdraw from a position that I have applied for?

Through accessing "My Profile" you can withdraw from any position that you have applied for. However, once you withdraw from that position you cannot reapply.

Can I attach my resume and cover letter to the online application?

Yes! You can attach your resume, cover letter, and additional documents you would like to be considered within the online application system.  We accept many different file formats. We recommend you format your resume in plain text if possible.  Photos, graphics, lines, special characters, bullets, and non-standard fonts may interfere with the processing of your resume by our system.

Can I submit an application for a position that is not currently open?

The City of Fort Collins does not accept applications for jobs that are not currently open.  If you are interested in a position that is not currently available you can create a "job alert" and we will notify you when a vacancy for that job title or type of work becomes available.

Can I submit a paper application?

The City of Fort Collins requires electronic applications for all positions.

Where can I apply if I don't have a computer?

Poudre River Public Libraries and Larimer County Workforce at 200 W. Oak Street, Fort Collins have computers available for use and can assist you.  The City of Fort Collins Human Resources Department at 215 N. Mason Street (2nd floor) has a public computer available for use in the lobby area.

Should I submit multiple applications for the same position to show that I am really interested in the position?

Please submit only one application for each position for which you apply.

Can I just submit a resume or application to keep on file?

The City of Fort Collins does not accept resumes in lieu of the online application. You may submit your resume with your City application. An application is required for each open position; we do not keep applications on file for future openings.

Notifications/Job Status#

How can I be sure that my application has been received?

A confirmation email will be sent to the e-mail address on file when your application has been submitted successfully. You can also view the status of jobs you have applied for in your profile.

How can I check on the status of my application?

The status of your application will be noted in your profile. You will not be notified of the overall status of the position (e.g., whether the position has been filled or not).  Common profile statuses include "in review" or "closed." A closed status indicates that you are no longer being considered for that position.

How long after I complete my application will I be contacted?

The hiring department will contact selected candidates for testing or interviews once screening of applications has been completed. Screening of applications can take from two to five weeks from the closing date depending on the number of applications, departmental needs or priorities.

How will I know if I've been selected for an interview?

The hiring department or Human Resources will contact selected candidates by phone or e-mail to schedule an interview.

What if I'm not selected for an interview?

You will be notified by email when your status changes and you are no longer being considered for a position.

I have applied for many positions and I have not received an interview. Is there something I can do?

Due to the high number of applications we receive for openings, we are not able to contact or interview every candidate. Make sure your application and resume reflect how your experience meets the requirements of the position as described in the position announcement. Submitting a cover letter and attaching a resume highlighting your background and experience is encouraged.

Why did I receive a "not selected" notification?

Applicants will receive a notification email when no longer being considered for the position applied for. There may be many reasons why an email was generated. Because of the large number of applications received for each position, we are unable to comment on individual situations; however, a common reason includes not meeting minimum qualifications/screening criteria. If you receive an email shortly after applying notifying you that your application is not being advanced for further consideration in the selection process, most commonly that occurs because of a response to one of the questions on the application.

Do I have to live in Fort Collins to apply for a job or work for the City of Fort Collins?

The majority of positions with the City do not require residency.  Some top management  positions do require that the employee live within the City limits or Urban Growth Area.  If residency is a requirement, it will be stated in the position announcement.

Browser Information#

What browsers are supported?

The application system is designed to work with the newest versions of common internet browsers. Some older versions may not be supported. Please note that as of May 1, 2015, Mozilla Firefox is no longer supported.