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Our People#

We believe in the power of our people and our organization to deliver exceptional service for an exceptional community. Human Resources co-creates with leaders at all levels the conditions necessary to attract, retain, engage, reward, and develop a diverse workforce and helps the organization sustain an adaptive, innovative environment where all talent feels a sense of purpose, belonging, and wellbeing to serve our community. We do this by listening deeply to needs, building trust, challenging assumptions, enabling technology, and implementing outstandingly

Our employees flourish when they connect their purpose to others and the organization, they know they belong, and their wellbeing is actively supported. When our people flourish, we create and sustain a thriving workplace culture.

Employees in Action#

City employee presenting at a diversity, equity and inclusion workshop

an assistant city manager laughing

employees doing yoga in a gym

a city employee works with asphalt to fix streets

city employee painting a street mural

an employee holding plants that will be planted in the downtown business district

employee at an event watching a presentation

a police officer and their k-9 partner

light and power employees working a line