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Spring Plant Sale

2024 Spring Plant Sale#

purple daisy seedlings

Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19  
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (last admission at 4 p.m.)
Free, reservation required

The Gardens on Spring Creek horticulture team and our partners at Colorado State University are busy growing over 35,000 plants for our 2024 Spring Plant Sale!

The sale will be free to shop but will require ticketed admission to manage capacity and ensure the best shopping experience:

  • Saturday, May 18: there will be limited capacity, timed entry slots starting at 9 a.m.
  • Sunday, May 19: tickets will be valid for admission all day. Doors open at 9 a.m.

All adults (ages 18+) need to have their own ticket to enter the Plant Sale, regardless of whether they plan to shop. Each individual can reserve up to four free tickets per transaction. Children who are accompanied by a ticketed adult do not need a ticket.

During the sale, normal daily Gardens admissions tickets, membership cards, reciprocal gardens membership and other passes will not be valid for entry into The Gardens or into the Plant Sale.  The sale will be taking place across our grounds, and we anticipate the site being at full capacity due to the sale.  Members of the public who want to visit The Gardens on these days can do so by reserving a free Plant Sale ticket.  Shoppers are welcome to explore our full gardens while they enjoy the sale.  The Butterfly House will be closed.

Important:  In addition to your ticket, please bring empty box(es) for carrying your purchases and a wagon if needed to transport plants to your vehicle.

The Gardens is partnering with Colorado State University horticulture programs to provide more than 35,000 locally-grown native and regionally-appropriate annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables and hanging baskets - everything you need to grow a beautiful landscape, bountiful veggie garden and lively containers this spring!

Check back in late April for a detailed plant list!

What is your return policy?
All purchases are final. No refunds, returns or exchanges are available for live plants once they have left our care.

Do I really need a ticket?
Yes, you really need a ticket! To manage our operational capacity, every single adult (ages 18+) who enters The Gardens during the plant sale (all day May 18 and May 19) will need to have a Plant Sale ticket, which is free of cost and can be reserved online in advance. 

What if I forget to bring a box?
It will be extremely helpful if everyone brings their own empty boxes or other containers to carry their plants, and a wagon to transport heavy plants to your vehicle. We will have a very limited number of boxes onsite in case people forget or need another box, but we might run out!  

I don’t want to shop, I just want to visit The Gardens! Can I do that?
Things will be a bit busy around The Gardens on plant sale weekend, but you are welcome to visit us, even if you don’t plan to shop. However, you will still need to have a free Plant Sale ticket to enter The Gardens on May 18 and May 19. This is so we can manage our overall capacity. The full grounds will be open for shoppers and visitors to enjoy. The Butterfly House will be closed both days. 

How do I reserve a ticket?
You can reserve your free ticket online for the date and time of your choice. Reservations are open to the public on the following schedule:

  • April 29 for Contributing Membership levels and above
  • April 30 for all other members
  • May 2 for general public

Ticket(s) will be emailed to you, and you will need to show this to enter the sale.

I’m worried all the plants I want will already be sold out by my time slot – what should I do?
We are growing tens of thousands of plants for our sale, so rest assured that there should be a wonderful and full selection of plants, no matter when you shop.

That said, we expect the best variety to be available on Saturday, and we can only grow limited quantities of certain harder-to-find plant varieties. If you are worried about selection or seeking very specific plants, we recommend reserving your shopping time as soon as you can and picking an early time slot. Members will receive first access to the reservation system, with exclusive first access available to our Members at the Contributing Membership level and above. Consider becoming a Member or upgrading your Membership to gain early access!

If I reserve a ticket, am I required to purchase something?
No, you are welcome to just browse or walk around. Tickets are required to manage our capacity.

Can I re-enter the event later? I might want to buy more plants!
We can relate! Once you enter the sale, you cannot exit and re-enter later. If you want to return to the sale at a later time or the next day, you will need to reserve another ticket. Keep in mind tickets might sell out, especially on Saturday.

Can I cancel my ticket or change my time?
Yes. If you can no longer make your time, please email us at with your full name and the date / time of your ticket so we can cancel it and open your shopping slot to another person. If you want to change your time, please feel free to reserve another ticket online for your new time – then just contact us to let us know to cancel your old time, so someone else can have that spot.

Will the Butterfly House be open? 
No, the Butterfly House will be closed on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19 due to the plant sale.