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Out of an abundance of caution, and to limit the potential spread of COVID-19, the City of Fort Collins is acting on direction from state leadership and public health partners and has closed all cultural facilities. We are working with state and local officials to determine a plan for reopening and will communicate details as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this unprecedented time.

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Garden of Eatin'

Year Opened:  2009

The Garden of Eatin’ is a ¾-acre site dedicated to edible plants and crops, including vegetables, fruits and herbs.  This garden serves as a living classroom, providing ideas and demonstrating crops appropriate to grow in Northern Colorado. 

Uncommon for a botanic garden, the Garden of Eatin’ is fully productive, maximizing the garden space for optimal and diverse food production for culinary classes and donation to the Food Bank for Larimer County.  Organic gardening techniques reign supreme in the Garden of Eatin’, where compost enriches the soil and pests are managed in natural, non-chemical ways.

Among the Garden of Eatin’s features:

  • The Outdoor Teaching Kitchen for culinary class demonstrations
  • Raised beds 
  • Fruit tree orchard with varieties of plum, sour cherry, pear, apple and peach
  • An array of small fruits, such as honeyberry, strawberry, grape and blackberry
  • A mix of shrubs and perennials in the Pollinator Garden
  • Themed beds include the International and the Continental United States Gardens 
  • Herb Garden teaming with of culinary or medicinal plants, such as saffron, thyme, sage, lavender, basil and comfrey