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Día de Muertos

The Day of the Dead is an annual Latin American mestizo celebration from where families gather to honor their ancestors and loved ones.

In partnership with other local community organizations, the Gardens on Spring Creek will be celebrating Día de Muertos October 20 - November 7.  Here's what we have planned:

Community Nicho on Display  |  October 20 – November 7

Dating back to the Spanish Colonial period, the tradition of creating ornately decorated tin plate frames, or nichos, has come to define Mexican folk art. Nichos are small, hand-made tin boxes constructed to display lovingly crafted scenarios.

Many Day of the Dead altars will include nichos as a way of rendering tribute to a person of great significance to the artist. This three-dimensional box is often decorated by a variety of images or objects and can be accentuated with bright colors. Each is unique, acting as a showcase for that artist’s character – containing political themes, images of saints or other deities, even depictions of everyday life. The nicho is a statement that demonstrates that which is important to the creator.

The nicho on display will be designed by Vanessa Jimenez, owner of brand-new Mexican cultural shop Frida Azul.

Mariposas and Cempazúchitl   |  October 20 – November 7

Visit the Butterfly House at The Gardens to enjoy hundreds of monarch butterflies (mariposas) and cempazúchitl - Mexican marigold flowers.  These flowers figure prominently in Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. Click here to learn more about the importance of monarch butterflies.

Día de Muertos Altars  |  November 2 - 5

One of the most visual parts of the Día de Muertos tradition is the altar, a carefully crafted centerpiece of the annual celebration.  Each family or individual’s Día de Muertos altar is a complex and personal creation with incredible symbolism as each element included carries specific meaning.  To learn more about the the most important altar elements, click here

girl making dia de muertos sugar skull

Día de Muertos Story Times and Sugar Skulls  |  October 31 - November 1  |  November 5

Sugar skulls are a must-have for altars and decorations on the Day of the Dead.  Read and Seed gardens story time will feature a Día de Muertos theme, including the creation of sugar skulls and is included with the cost of admission.

Join us for garden story time, movement or song plus a hands-on, nature-inspired activity. This is a parent / caregiver participation class.

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Photos by WIlliam Lamont Photography.  Learn more about the 2022 community-wide celebration at