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Deeply Rooted

older women with craft projects

These sessions are designed for pairs with a focus on our elder community. Participants have the opportunity to take this class, along with a family member or caregiver, and reap the benefits from connecting with nature. These therapeutic horticulture classes aim to enhance participants’  quality of life, providing learning and social opportunities through plant and horticultural activities – no green thumbs necessary. 

Accommodations will be made for needs, preference and abilities and the classes will be accessible, with wheelchairs available.

Sessions are held on-site at the Gardens on Spring Creek in a shaded, outdoor setting, with the option to hold classes indoors, depending on the weather.

 This program is a platform to:  

  • Provide a shared, nature-based experience for elders with the option for a family member or caregiver to join the class.
  • Stimulate cognitive abilities through learning, instruction-following, skill building and sensory stimulation.
  • Increase physical activity.
  • Promote socialization skills and reduce isolation.
  • Attending multiple session amplifies results.

Each session will include an outdoor activity with accommodations and modifications to fit participants’ needs and abilities. All classes include a modified exploration in the gardens and a creative, plant-based activity. Participants are encouraged to take home the project they created during each session.  

The Deeply Rooted sessions are designed and facilitated by our trained Therapeutic Horticulturalist, Nancy Zola with Grounded Horticultural Therapy.

Stay tuned for future classes.