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Issue Committees#

April 6, 2021 Regular Election#

The following Issue Committees are registered with the City Clerk's Office for the April 2021 Election:

Friends of Hughes Open Space#

301 South Howes Street
PO Box 1732
Fort Collins, CO  80522

Registered Agent:
   Elena M Lopez

The passage of the citizen-initiated Ordinance regarding the rezoning of the Hughes annexation property, on the April 2021 municipal election ballot.

Stand with CSU#

155 East Boardwalk Drive, Suite 400 #477
Fort Collins, CO  80525

Registered Agent:
    David May

Oppose ballot measure trying to force CSU to sell its Hughes property to city government; the issue harms housing, child care, transit, city open space program

Yes on 26 Committee#

224 East Elizabeth Street
Fort Collins, CO  80524

Registered Agent:
    John Parks

Encourage voters to vote yes on Ordinance 26 (plastic bags) in April 6, 2021 municipal election.