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Election FAQs#

To vote in a City election you must reside within the Fort Collins city limits for at least 22 days prior to the election and be registered to vote.

Many people believe they should be allowed to vote in City elections because they own property or a business in Fort Collins. Others believe that a Fort Collins mailing address or the fact that they pay City sales tax while shopping in Fort Collins should qualify them. While we understand your desire to participate in City elections, the law simply does not permit it.

District Councilmembers are nominated and elected by the voters in their District. The election of District Councilmembers alternates so that voters from Districts 1, 3, and 5 elect Councilmembers in one election, and voters from Districts 2, 4 and 6 elect Councilmembers in the next election. All Districts vote on candidates for the office of Mayor at every election (Elections are held April of odd-numbered years).

Article VIII, Section 2 of the City Charter provides that all municipal elections shall be nonpartisan. Candidates are not required to provide information about their party affiliation, nor does the City specifically know the party affiliation of each candidate.

The City Clerk's Office can provide information about who the candidates are and what the issues are, but cannot provide information about a candidate's platform or the pros and cons of a particular issue. We will provide contact information for candidates, candidate committees, and issue committees upon request. You can also find information on our other web pages under specific election dates.

Yes. It is legal for bars, restaurants, and liquor stores to sell alcohol beverages on election day. The state law prohibiting alcohol sales on election day was repealed in 1990