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April 3, 2007 Regular Election#

Official Candidates#

  • Mayor
    • Doug Hutchinson
    • Scott VanTatenhove
  • Councilmember District 2
    • Matt Fries
    • Lisa Poppaw
  • Councilmember District 4
    • Glen Colton
    • LeRoy A. Gomez
    • Wade Troxell
  • Councilmember District 6
    • Brandon Purdum
    • David Roy
    • George Smith

Ballot Issues

  • Citizen Referred Ordinance(/br> Pertaining to Annexing Property Known as the Southwest Enclave Annexation


    Yes 8,614 42.20%
    No 11,800 57.80%

    Ballot Language

    On October 3, 2006, the Fort Collins City Council adopted on second reading Ordinance No. 137, 2006, (the "Annexation Ordinance"), which annexed to the City property known as the Southwest Enclave Annexation. The Southwest Enclave consists of approximately 2.7 square miles, generally bordered on the north by Harmony Road, on the south by Trilby Road, on the west by South Taft Hill Road, and extending approximately one-quarter mile east of College Avenue. On November 9, 2006, a petition signed by a sufficient number of registered electors was submitted to the City Clerk seeking the repeal of the Annexation Ordinance. On December 19, 2006, the City Council referred the Annexation Ordinance to the registered electors of the City at this election, as permitted by the City Charter. Shall the Annexation Ordinance be repealed?

    Full text of the Referred Ordinance

  • City-Initiated Proposed Charter Amendment No. 1
    (Election Board)


    Yes 11,224 58.96%
    No 7,814 41.04%

    Ballot Language

    Shall Article VIII, Sections 5 and 7 of the Fort Collins City Charter be amended to change the composition of the Board of Elections from the City Clerk and two registered electors to the City Clerk, Chief Deputy City Clerk and Municipal Judge, and to make minor amendments regarding the Board's certification of election results?

    Full text of Charter Amendment

  • City-Initiated Proposed Charter Amendment No. 2
    (20-Year Leases)


    Yes 9,341 51.03%
    No 8,963 48.97%

    Ballot Language

    Shall Article XI, Section 5 of the Fort Collins City Charter (Franchises and Public Utilities) be amended to eliminate leases and other rights from the existing twenty-year limit on the length of franchises, leases and other rights that the City can grant to private persons or entities to use the streets or public places or property of the City, so that only franchises will be subject to this twenty-year limit?

    Full text of Charter Amendment

Registered Committees#

Campaign Finance Reports and Independent Expenditures#

Miscellaneous Information#