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April 3, 2001 Regular Election#

Official Candidates#

  • Mayor
    • LeRoy A. Gomez
    • Ray Martinez
  • Councilmember District 1
    • Bill Bertschy
    • Gene R. Little
  • Councilmember District 3
    • Charles Dehn
    • Dave Evans
    • Eric Hamrick
    • Greg Snyder
  • Councilmember District 5
    • Larry Carillo
    • Marty Tharp

Ballot Issues

  • City-Initiated Proposed Charter Amendment No. 1
    (Residency Requirements)


    For 11,938 59.97%
    Against 7,969 40.03%

    Ballot Language

    Shall Article IV Section 3 of the City Charter be amended to change the residency requirement for division heads of the City so that division heads will be permitted to live outside the Urban Growth Area so long as their places of residence are within five miles of the city limits, with the understanding that the following residency requirements will still apply to other, higher levels of management in the City organization: the City Manager will still be required to live within the city limits and the City Clerk, deputy and assistant city managers, and the directors of all major administrative units who are directly responsible to the City Manager (those who directly supervise the division heads) will still be required to live within the Urban Growth Area?

  • City-Initiated Proposed Charter Amendment No. 2
    (Definition of Terms)


    For 14,847 76.10%
    Against 4,662 23.90%

    Ballot Language

    Without changing the City's organizational structure, shall Article XIII of the City Charter, as well as other terminology contained in other provisions of the Charter where those defined terms are used, be amended so as to make the Charter language consistent with the current organizational structure of the City in the following respects:

    • (1) Each major City administrative unit headed by a director who is directly responsible to the City Manager would be called a "service area" rather than a "department," and
    • (2) each primary subdivision of a service area headed by a person who is directly responsible to the director of the service area would be called a "department" rather than a "division"?

Campaign Finance Reports and Independent Expenditures#

Miscellaneous Information#