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Education and Employee Engagement (E3)
Challenge Badge

Energy | Water | Waste | Transportation | Social Responsibility | E3 Challenge


You’ve switched to LED lightbulbs and made single-stream recycling easily accessible in your building. But that’s just one part of the equation. Your employees are also an important element of any sustainability effort.

Reduce Environmental Impacts
Building good habits around shutting down computers or reducing print jobs costs less money than purchasing new equipment or more expensive recyclable paper and can have the same impact on your environmental footprint.

Build Good Habits
The E3 Challenge focuses on building these good habits. It encourages individuals to reduce their environmental impact by making one small change in their daily routine.

Keep it simple, measurable and fun!

  • Simple challenges focus on one behavior and make it easy for you and your coworkers to participate.
  • Measurable challenges show the impact of your work to your coworkers, Climatewise and organization leadership.
  • Fun challenges make it enjoyable—rather than a chore or extra responsibility—to participate in sustainability efforts.

Whether your business is large or small, an office or a restaurant, this specialty badge is a fun way to incorporate sustainability into your daily routine!


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