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Jazz musicians playing on an outdoor stage.

Community Soundstage#

A community soundstage is a self-contained trailer which converts into a portable stage and band shell. A unique community resource, a mobile stage provides nonprofit organizations, businesses, community organizers and the City of Fort Collins with a versatile platform (literally) to bring community events to life and engage local audiences and residents.

The City’s current community stage will soon celebrate its 21st birthday with an expected use life of 20 years. It’s approximately 42’ long with a stage floor of 32’ x 8’ and additional staging for larger performance space. For example, a performance by The Fort Collins Symphony.

The City of Fort Collins seeks $175,000 in philanthropic support for the replacement purchase of a state-of-the-art acoustical soundstage with cantilevered canopy, built-in overhead lighting, leveling jacks. The all-in-one mobile stage model, features, and size will be determined at the time of purchase to best fit our community’s needs.

Live music builds inclusivity, leaves longstanding memories and helps create meaning across communities and cultures. Join us as we seek to replace this community treasure for another 20 years of building community, one event at a time.

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