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In 2019, the City of Fort Collins launched City Give, a municipal philanthropic initiative to create a formalized structure for charitable giving. This “in-house” approach to philanthropy allows the City to respond to strategic projects and community needs that fall outside the normal city budget priorities but are well-positioned for private funding.

City Give reflects considerable thought and conversations with local residents, donors, community partners, volunteers and business leaders who told us that our City had to “get it’s charitable house in order.” We listened.

City Give is an innovative municipal umbrella to coordinate the many charitable activities across City departments and projects through:

  • The stewardship of transparent and accountable standards for philanthropic engagement and charitable gifts.
  • Serving as a liaison between the philanthropic community, private-public partnerships, City leadership, and the City’s mission.

Community giving isn’t expected to fill gaps in the City’s operating budget. But it can deepen community opportunity as well as expand and enrich City programs and services: from youth recreation to projects in the arts, from climate action to social sustainability.

Through City Give, donors can make charitable gifts to the City of Fort Collins that reflect their personal and family passions.

The Coloradoan, In the City, June 2019