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Broadcom Awards Charitable Gift to City of Fort Collins#

A philanthropic partnership between Broadcom and the City of Fort Collins provides financial support for specific programs and organizations demonstrating exceptional service, economic support and community impact as they respond to the devastating impact of COVID-19.

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City of Fort Collins Receives Donation of 5 Acres#

Generosity comes in many forms. Northern Colorado developer, Byron Collins, donates 5-acre land parcel to the City of Fort Collins.

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City Give featured in Bloomberg Associates, Collaborative Cities#

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A playbook for cross-sector collaboration from Bloomberg Philanthropies. This report comes at a time when cities are facing a host of urgent challenges —politically, socially, and economically — all while dealing with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

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When Philanthropy Funds Government: An Exploration of Democratic Public Values#

Research explores how democratic public values are expressed in a philanthropic program managed by the local city government in Fort Collins.

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Eastside Park Improvements Completed Thanks to Generous Community Donation#

Thanks to a generous donation from community partner, First United Methodist Church, Eastside Park receives significant number of upgrades, improvements and repairs.

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