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Water Sculpts the Earth

FC Youth , Janet Austin
West of Drake Rd. on the Spring Creek Trail

In an effort to educate the community about how the local watershed functions and how citizens’ activities impact the watershed, the Water Cycle Wall was built along Spring Creek as an educational sculptural illustration. The project involves the water cycle, the connections between water and other living things. The wall is located on Spring Creek, immediately south of the Drake Road Bridge.

Working in conjunction with Fort Collins Utilities Education Development, Art in Public Places artist, Janet Austin, created ceramic and cast bronze elements based on drawings made by children visiting the Spring Creek watershed.

Used to create the piece, Water Sculpts the Earth, these artistic elements illustrate several water/life cycles. The cycle of water is shown, with snowflakes and raindrops, clouds, creeks, streams, ponds, transpiration and condensation. The cycle of several insects, dragonflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, and mayflies are illustrated. Also depicted are portions of other cycles, such as willow trees, cottonwood trees, conifers, and water birds.

This project was the first piece on the Water Cycle Wall site. In 2005, Water Washes the Earth by Joe McGrane was designed and added to reinforce, complement, and expand upon the interpretive themes. Interpretive signage by Joe McGrane was added in 2010.