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Art in Public Places

Sub Dudes Funk Trio with Hazel Hertz on Keys

Tif Choate , Orion Choate
Art in Action Tent, south of Old Town Square on Mountain Avenue

Tif Choate has been exploring the characters she calls the Sub Dudes in paintings for a couple of years and really enjoys their energy and vibe they give off. She thinks the community will get a kick out of playing the piano with these characters.

Tif's studio is located in her home in Lafayette, CO, which she shares with her husband and two cats. Tif’s creative work includes painted canvases, digital renderings and public art murals. With public art, vivid and striking images with a message of hope, humanity and happiness is her goal. Painting is Tif Choate's way to connect, bring joy and inspiration to others. She gravitates towards bold, unconventional color combinations, often painting people and animal portraits.