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Art in Public Places

ClimateWise Murals

Gale Whitman
Mountain Ave, Oak St, and Olive St along Mason St

Artist Gale Whitman was selected for this project to create murals for three traffic boxes along the Mason Street Corridor. As a collaboration between the City’s ClimateWise and Art in Public Places program, this project—through Gale’s murals—highlights the ClimateWise mission, the connection of the program to our unique city, and celebrates the 20-year anniversary of ClimateWise.

The three locations of the murals along the Mason Street Corridor were selected for their high visibility and accessibility to a broad cross-section of the community via multiple modes of transportation. This location also aligns with the core mission of ClimateWise.

Gale Whitman worked with the project team to design these colorful, educational murals that speak to the breadth of ClimateWise’s mission and its connection to our diverse and unique community. The team asked Gale to highlight the mission and actions of the ClimateWise program, the savings realized through these actions, and the partnerships developed over the last 20 years. The hexagon forms in the murals will depict artist-designed icons that help tell the story of the mural.