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Daily Lawn Watering Guide

The daily Lawn Watering Guide is inactive for the winter. Each year from May-October, the guide is available to help you learn how much water your lawn needs.

Be sure to check back this spring for updates. Also, don't forget to sign up for our free sprinkler audit and learn how your system can operate more efficiently.

Winter Watering

Grass and plants should be watered periodically in the winter to prevent dehydration.

View the fall and winter tree watering schedule.

Winter watering tips

When to water:

  • Only water on a warm day with unfrozen soil and an air temperature above 40 degrees.
  • Water once or twice per month from November-April.
  • Watering in March and April is critical, as that’s when the new roots are forming.
  • Watering at midday allows it to soak in the ground before it freezes.

What to water:

  • Newly planted lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers.
  • Established lawns and trees, especially those in sunny, windy or exposed areas.
  • Established shrubs, flowers, ornamental grasses and groundcovers will also benefit.
  • Do not water cacti, succulents, buffalograss, blue grama and very xeric plants in the winter.

How to water:

  • Use a hose-end sprinkler or wand.
  • Remove the hose from the spigot after watering to prevent freeze damage.
  • Water slowly, allowing it to soak in.
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Tip #177

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