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Seal ductwork and rebalance the HVAC system.

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Fort Collins Utilities is an equal opportunity residential and commercial utility service provider. We do not discriminate in the terms, conditions or provision of services based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin.

Fort Collins Utilities es una empresa proveedora de servicios públicos residenciales y comerciales con igualdad de oportunidad. No discriminamos en los términos, las condiciones o la provisión de servicios en base a raza, color, religión, sexo, discapacidad, estatus familiar o nacionalidad de origen.

  • Water by the light of the moon.

Half of a home's annual water usage typically goes to lawn watering. Use less water and maintain a healthy, attractive lawn with these tips.

Watering Tips

  • Water only when grass turns a dull, grey-green color and footprints remain. After a rain, skip watering until the grass dries.
  • Bluegrass lawns generally require 1" - 2" of water per week, depending on the weather. Most shrubs and trees require less water than bluegrass, so water them separately.
  • Water no more than every third day so the grass develops deeper roots and uses moisture deep in the ground.
  • Water in the early morning or late evening when wind is minimal.
  • Design, install and operate a sprinkler system with water-efficiency in mind.
  • Follow Utilities' daily Lawn Watering Guide.
  • If you have an existing sprinkler system, sign up for a free audit.

Mowing Tips

  • Mow when it's cool to reduce stressing the grass.
  • Mow with a sharp mower blade. A dull blade tears grass and stresses the lawn.
  • Mow bluegrass 2 1/2 " - 3" tall to promote deeper rooting and to shade the plant's root zone. Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade.
  • Leave clippings to add nutrients to the soil. A mulching mower chops grass into small pieces.

More Lawn Care Ideas

  • Aerate your lawn once a year.
  • Lightly fertilize bluegrass in the spring and fall. Fertilizer encourages grass to grow.
  • Replace some bluegrass with planting beds or low water-using turf. Many species provide seasonal colors and textures to ensure year round beauty.
  • Read about water-wise landscaping: Xeriscape.