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Back to TopNeighborhood News is Your Hub for HOA News
Amanda Nagl | Neighborhoods |

Join us as we delve into Covenant Enforcement Duties and Obligations and The Community Association Bylaws. The City of Fort Collins will host HOA training classes on both September 18 and October 16. Both classes will be held at the Community Room at Police Services, 2221 Timberline Road. Interested persons can find out more information and register for classes at  

September 18: Covenant Enforcement Duties and Obligations
Whether you are brand new to a board or a seasoned veteran, you'll no doubt agree that covenant enforcement is one of the most important duties boards have. Covenant enforcement is also one of the messiest and more difficult areas for boards to manage. In this class, we'll cover the covenant enforcement process, legal requirements for board members when enforcing covenants, and common pitfalls when it comes to covenant enforcement. We will also provide you with tools to get a better "grip" on the enforcement issues in your communities.

Covenant Enforcement Duties and Obligations will be taught by Debra J. Oppenheimer, a Partner with HindmanSanchez Law Firm.  Debra has more than 20 years of litigation experience and her effective problem-solving abilities give her a solid understanding of associations’ needs when seeking compliance with rules and restrictions.  Debra has run the Covenant Enforcement Division at HindmanSanchez for over 10 years.  Prior to this position, she served as a Colorado Deputy District Attorney prosecuting felony, misdemeanor and civil forfeiture cases.  

October 16: The Community Association Bylaws: The Operational Instructional Manual for Boards
Board members and officers are tasked with the day-to-day operations of the community: from holding meetings, taking minutes, conducting elections, and the like. But to perform these actions legally and effectively, there is one document that you must review carefully and know comprehensively: Your Bylaws. The Bylaws are the operational handbook of your community. In this class we will explore a set of Bylaws and discuss everything from the legal requirements for holding a meeting, to how to conduct an election appropriately, to vacancies on the Board, to proper methods for voting. Don't miss out!

Back to TopLandlord/Tenant Information & Events
Amanda Nagl | Neighborhoods |

Neighborhood Services will host a Landlord Education Series. It is an eight-hour class series, held over two consecutive Thursday mornings, designed to inform and empower local landlords to operate successfully within a complex and the ever-changing northern Colorado rental market. Topics covered include: resident selection, leases, code compliance, occupancy, fair housing, safety, evictions, CSU programs, and rental housing standards. The class will begin with an orientation to the newly-updated landlord handbook.

The class will take place on Thursday mornings, October 9 and 16. Classes begin at 7:45 am and will end by noon each day. Both classes will be held in the Community Room at Fort Collins Police Services, 2221 S. Timberline Rd. Many topics will be covered and none will be repeated, so attendance on both days is necessary. Class size is limited to 70, so please respond quickly if you are interested.

The cost for the series is $25 and covers expenses for notebooks and copies of presentations or other materials provided by the instructors as well as a light breakfast each day. To register and make payment, please contact Melanie Clark at or call 970-416-2351. Payment must be received and processed in order to confirm registration. Credit card payments are preferred and can be made by phone. Cash and check payments can be dropped off at Neighborhood Services, 281 N. College Ave, second floor.

Fall Clean Up 2014 Celebrates 10 Years of Assistance
Amanda Nagl | Neighborhoods |

The Annual Fall Clean Up partnership program between the City of Fort Collins’ Neighborhood Services and Colorado State University’s (CSU) Off-Campus Life is coming soon. November 1, 2014 will mark 10 years of CSU students and staff providing assistance for City of Fort Collins long-term elderly and/or physically-limited residents needing help with outdoor yard work (raking leaves, trimming bushes, and other essential outdoor tasks) that they cannot complete themselves nor afford to pay services.

We are ready to help again this year! Are you a long-term elderly and/or physically-limited resident, who cannot complete the outdoor work nor afford to pay for services? Or do you know someone who needs assistance this fall? Please note all projects must be outdoors, within Fort Collins city limits, completed within three hours, and you must be home when volunteers are present. Please provide all necessary supplies (rakes, garbage bags, etc.). Projects must be registered by Friday, October 10, 2014. To register by phone or ask questions, call 970-491-2248.

If you live outside of city limits, we are partnering with United Way and Faith Evangelical Free Church for volunteer assistance and you should register by calling United Way at 970-407-7066.

Take Control with Utilities’ New Online Tool
Alex Smith | Utilities | 970-224-6049

Fort Collins Utilities has recently introduced a free online tool that allows you to monitor your use, control your costs and conserve our resources. The tool, which is available to most customers with a Fort Collins Utilities electric and/or water account, is a convenient and secure way to access customized data 24/7 to track utility use and costs.

To access the tool, log in if you are a current e-Bill customer or create an account online. Once you are signed in, click the ‘Monitor My Use’ icon and begin exploring.

With the new tool, you can drill into increasing levels of usage detail, monitor your use remotely, set cost alerts, discover rebates and take steps to avoid going into the next water or electric pricing tier.
For more information or to log in, visit

Back to TopTwo Tax Initiatives Expire Soon
Ginny Sawyer | City Manager’s Office |

One quarter cent, one penny of $4 dollars, 25-cents of $100. Sound like small change? The great thing about small change is that it can add up. In fact, over 10 years the ¼-cent taxes dedicated to both capital improvements (Building on Basics or BOB) and the Street Maintenance Program (SMP) generated almost $58 million dollars for each initiative.


How has the community benefited from this money? Since 2005, the BOB ¼-cent tax has funded community projects such as the Museum of Discovery, Lincoln Center renovations, the Senior Center expansion as well as major road, intersection, and transit improvements including North College Avenue, sections of Harmony Road and Timberline Road, TransFort bus replacement and numerous bike and pedestrian enhancements throughout town.

The ¼-cent dedicated to street maintenance represents more than half the total funding for the repair and renovation of our 475 miles of local streets. The program covers major and preventative maintenance which includes potholes, new asphalt, curb and gutter work, and repair of bridges, sidewalks, shoulders and medians. This dedicated funding helps the City meet its goal of having an average pavement condition rating of “good.” Keeping streets at this level is far more cost effective than deferring maintenance and having to repair or replace streets in poor condition.

Both of these tax initiatives expire soon and are planned to be on the April 2015 municipal ballot for renewal. Voters have supported these measures for decades. While the needs don’t go away, bringing these measures back to the voters helps ensure that the City is accountable to past measures (Did we do what we said we would with the money?) and it allows residents to weigh in on what they want the money to support in the next 10 years.

As a community, it’s time to engage, discuss, and decide how we want to shape our community now and into the future. To see a timeline and descriptions of proposed projects for Building on Basics 2.0 or to request a staff presentation, go to

Back to TopAre You Ready for the School Year?
Susan Vance | Police Services |

Summer is actually slowing down (you can tell because here come the “back to school” sales). Now it is time to start thinking about preparing for classes and that means getting into the mindset of safety for school.
This can actually begin with packing the bag. Be sure that all of your children’s belongings have some sort of identification on them. Some rules of thumb say NOT to put your child’s name on them because if a perpetrator gets a hold of it, then they know your child’s name. Why not make it fun and name the backpack? Then add your zip code (e.g. “Packster80525”). Use this name for items inside the pack as well. If it is lost or stolen, then you have a way of identifying these items. It is sort of like your child’s own “Operation Identification” program.

And speaking of back-to-school, it is time to plan the route to school whether walking, riding a bike (and ALWAYS wear a helmet), or driving, and be sure that your child is familiar with this. Discuss safety techniques when travelling along traffic. And remember that hazards are extremely high at the drop-off points right at the school itself and these hazards are often caused by the parents themselves. Plan ahead, be patient, and obey ALL traffic rules.

Check out more handy infomation on child safety.

Back to TopFall into the Outdoors
Zoe Whyman | Natural Areas |

Fall is a great time to get outdoors and explore your natural areas with a friendly and knowledgeable guide!   Over 20 free activities are available in September and October- check out for the full schedule.   Join the fun at the NoCo Nature Festival with its family-friendly interactive booths, presentations, live animals, ladybug and butterfly releases, nature costume contest, music and more.   If you love history or archaeology, you won’t want to miss Lindenmeier: Ancient Lives, Ancient Dreams symposium which brings world-renowned archaeologists to Fort Collins for a three day conference focused on the Lindenmeier Site at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area.

Back to TopTransfort Service Changes Go into Effect this Fall
Denise White | Communications |

This summer, the community enjoyed riding MAX Bus Rapid Transit Service for free. The fare-free summer provided an opportunity for Transfort to introduce its newest line of service while making refinements to the system.  With the winding down of the summer season, MAX’s fare-free period has also ended. On August 25, riders started paying the regular Transfort system fees to ride. If you don’t already have a Transfort pass, you can purchase your ticket or pass with cash or debit/credit card at one of the station ticket vending machine before boarding, or at a transit center. For complete details on fares and passes for all types of riders, please visit

Implementing the fare to ride MAX isn’t the only change Transfort has been gearing up for this fall. This year, Transfort is offering Around the Horn, a new shuttle service at CSU to help mobility of faculty, staff and students on campus. This efficient way to move around campus is free and open to the public, thanks to a collaboration between CSU and the City of Fort Collins; Transfort will be providing three City buses, to be branded with CSU wraps, to make the Horn possible, and ASCSU and CSU are paying for this service through student fees and revenue from CSU Parking and Transportation services. For details on service changes, please visit

To ensure the best experience possible when you ride Transfort, as well as get the skinny on current route, schedule, and rider alerts, we invite you to visit or download our Ride Transfort mobile app.

Back to TopFort Collins Vies for a $5 Million Dollar Energy Prize
Katy Bigner | Environmental Services |

Fort Collins has an amazing opportunity to participate in the Georgetown University Energy Prize competition in 2015. The best performing community for energy savings with the most innovative, replicable and scalable solutions will win $5 million for community benefit.

Over the course of two years, we will be challenged to rethink local energy use and implement creative strategies to increase efficiency. To compete for the final $5 million prize, residents, students and utilities will have to work together to save energy at all levels.

We need your passion and help to develop strategies to achieve our greatest energy savings yet! Would you come to a community workshop in late September-early October, hosted by the Institute for the Built Environment and the City of Fort Collins? Contact Katy Bigner, or 970-221-6317, to participate or share ideas for how to engage your neighbors.