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About The Plant List#

The City of Fort Collins Recommended Plant List provides a consolidation of all plant lists historically used by City of Fort Collins departments into a centrally located and maintained list. This user-friendly list serves as an educational resource for the community to guide the creation of sustainable and ecologically diverse landscapes. The list promotes plants that are waterwise, regionally appropriate and support local wildlife and pollinators. 

The species on this list are recommendations selected by the City of Fort Collins Vegetation List Team. Plants on this list are chosen specifically for the Fort Collins area, accounting for elevation (4,800-7,500 feet), climate and soils. This list is unique compared to other similar databases in that it is comprehensive of the hundreds of plants found native in Fort Collins and Colorado and includes horticulturally introduced or non-native ornamental species that are well-suited to our region and do not threaten native species. City of Fort Collins does not guarantee the survivability of the plants on this list.

This list is intended to be used by designers, developers, contractors, homeowners, landscape enthusiasts and everyone in between.

Whether you have found this list through program participation, such as through the Xeriscape Incentive Program, Nature in the City Grant Program or according to Fort Collins Land Use Code 3.2.1, landscapes in the city of Fort Collins should be developed using the Seven Principles of Xeriscape. Use these principles as a guide to develop resilient landscapes in Fort Collins.

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How to Use the List#

Reviewers and Contributors#

Thank you to everyone that helped make this database possible! 

Reviewers and Contributors

Photo Use#

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