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Replace failed electric motors with NEMA Premium® energy-efficiency motors.

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Building Energy Scoring


Utility costs can be one of the largest expenses of a business. Energy scoring and benchmarking can help you identify ways to manage these expenses.

Utilities' efficiency programs offer free assessments, incentives, technical assistance, training and education to support reductions in energy use. These tools provide a standardized approach for tracking and measuring a building's annual energy use and comparing its performance with that of similar buildings.

Benchmarking provides a simple, yet valuable, way for building owners and property managers to understand their facilities' energy use and identify opportunities to reduce energy-related costs.

Comparing the energy performance of one building to that of a similar facility also allows commercial real estate professionals, owners, investors and tenants, to:

  • evaluate the highest-performing, lowest-operating cost options
  • monitor the building’s performance in the marketplace

Get Started with a Score

Get Started with a Score

Your energy score indicates how your building compares to peer facilities locally and nationwide.

Receive an ENERGY STAR® score through a FREE Efficiency Works facility assessment. Sign up today and start tracking your building’s energy use.

Start Benchmarking

Start Benchmarking

Benchmarking helps building owners and property managers understand their facilities' energy use and identify opportunities to reduce energy-related costs.

Utilities’ Building Energy Scoring initiative uses the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager, a free online tool developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for energy scoring and benchmarking.

To get started:

Contact us with questions.

Local Resources

Local Resources

What Other Cities are Doing

Next Steps

Utilities will assist local commercial customers, building owners and property managers to score and benchmark their buildings.

In the future, Utilities will work with City Council to determine the next steps relating to the Building Energy Scoring initiative. Check this page periodically for updates.

Ask your landlord about utility costs and how your energy use compares to similar buildings.

Contact us for more information.

Program Manager

Kirk Longstein
Fort Collins Utilities Environmental Planner