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Future Park In Mosaic Neighborhood#

grass fields of future park site

The future park located in the Mosaic Neighborhood of Fort Collins is approximately 8 acres in size and located just east of Timberline Road off Sykes Drive. The park is adjoining a 12-acre HOA-owned water treatment area and open space.

Information on neighborhood parks as described in the Parks & Recreation Master Plan:

  • Neighborhood parks serve the needs of residents within walking distance of their homes. Neighborhood parks should strike a balance between passive and active recreational opportunities. They are intended for residents from adjacent neighborhoods and should not seek to attract visitors from too much further.
  • Neighborhood parks should be accessible by way of the city’s sidewalks, low-stress bicycle network, and local streets. They should be easily accessible from the surrounding neighborhood with no physical barriers or busy streets restricting access. Where possible, trails should also connect to neighborhood parks. Neighborhood parks should have street parking nearby.
Date of Purchase
Budget Process for Design & Construction

Funding for this park is dependent on the outcome of the 2025/2026 City of Fort Collins Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO) Process. The design and construction timeline will be updated once funds are secured. 

Learn more about the BFO Process.

Neighborhood Open House

At this meeting, neighbors will be asked to provide input on preferred active and passive park features, amenities, and elements for the park. 

Neighborhood Open House #2
Anticipated Start of Construction
Anticipated Grand Opening Celebration