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Fort Collins Municipal Court Court Security#

In order to provide a secure and safe environment for all persons entering the court, the following shall be adhered to:

  1. Person(s) entering the Court for hearings will be required to go through a security screening process. This new hearing entrance for Municipal Court is through the north door facing Maple Street.
  2. All backpacks, purses, briefcases, packages and other containers that are carried into the Court-controlled areas will be searched.
  3. Person(s) carrying large items, i.e. backpacks, bedrolls, sleeping bags, large containers, etc. will be asked to make arrangements to store such items elsewhere. The City of Fort Collins is not responsible for any lost or missing items.
  4. The following items are prohibited inside the courtroom and are subject to seizure. Fort Collins Police Services response will be requested in the event that an illegal item is seized, and those items will only be returned pursuant to Fort Collins Police Service policy. *
  • Firearms (this shall include toy firearms) and ammunition. Persons legally permitted to carry firearms shall be asked to secure such firearm in one of the court-provided lockboxes.
  • Combustible and or explosive material/liquid.
  • Knives of any length. This includes box cutters and or any device used for cutting material.
  • This includes hammers, screwdrivers, ice picks, drills, etc.…
  • Mace, pepper spray, or any liquid that has the potential to incapacitate.
  • Handcuffs and handcuffs keys.
  • Clubs, batons, blackjacks, or any object/instrument that can be used as a bludgeon.
  • Alcoholic beverages, marijuana, illegal drugs, and drug paraphernalia.
  • Food and drink (other than water provided at the tables during hearings and trials).
  • Animals (except service animals).

Customers are asked to safely secure any listed legal item prior to entering the court.

* Law enforcement officers are exempt when carrying or using any of the above items in the performance of their duties.


Persons entering areas of the building used by the Court shall refrain from using abusive or threatening language that is directed towards other customers, building visitors, or Court employees.  Furthermore, conversation shall be conducted quietly so as not to interfere with the operations of the Municipal Court staff.

Areas of the Court shall include but are not limited to, the lobby of 215 N. Mason St., the Court Clerk’s lobby, defendant waiting room, hallway, spaces for meeting with prosecutors, and courtroom.

When in the courtroom please remain quiet and seated until your case is called.

Cell phones and any other device that can be used to record audio or video while in the courtroom must be switched to off position; it is not permitted to place these items on “silent” mode.

Please follow directions and instructions from the Judge, Court Clerk, Bailiff, Court Security Officer, Municipal Court Employees, and/or their designee.