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Medical Marijuana

In Fort Collins, there are limitations on medical marijuana licenses as follows:

  • There may only be one licensed medical marijuana center for every 500 registered patients in Larimer County. This limitation does not apply to businesses that received a local license to operate prior to November 1, 2011.
  • The number of licenses in Fort Collins currently exceeds the license cap, and no new applications for medical marijuana centers are being accepted.
  • There is no limit on the number of medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing licenses in Fort Collins.
  • Licenses for optional premises cultivation facilities supplying marijuana to licensed centers (under the same ownership) anywhere in Colorado are being accepted.

Active/Approved Medical Marijuana Licenses

  • Medical Marijuana Centers: 11 total (9 in operation; 2 approved but pending issuance)
  • Medical Marijuana Optional Premises Cultivations: 11 total (9 in operation; 2 approved but pending issuance)
  • Medical Marijuana-infused Products Manufacturing Facilities: 4 total (3 in operation; 1 approved but pending issuance)

Staff cannot:

  • Provide any legal advice, including whether or not a business model may or may not work in Fort Collins. Please read the state and local laws and consult your own attorney.
  • Make recommendations regarding the purchase of marijuana from particular businesses.
  • Direct you to owners that may be interested in selling their business(es).