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Medical Marijuana Store Location Criteria#

(These location criteria DO NOT apply to cultivation facilities or marijuana product manufacturer facilities.)

Pursuant to Section 15-475 of the City Code, a medical marijuana store cannot be: This applies to a Retail Store too since they are co-located together. 

  • Within one thousand (1,000) feet of any private or public preschool, elementary, secondary, vocational, or trade school, college, or university;
  • Within one thousand (1,000) feet of any public playground;
  • Within five hundred (500) feet of:
    • any child care center;
    • any place of worship or religious assembly;
    • any public park, pool, or recreation facility; or
    • any juvenile or adult halfway house, correctional facility, or substance abuse rehabilitation or treatment center; or
  • Within the boundaries of any R-U-L, U-E, R-F, R-L, L-M-N, M-M-N, N-C-L, N-C-M, N-C-B or H-M-N residential zone district;
  • In a residential unit, except as permitted under Section 3.8.3 of the Land Use Code;

The distances described above shall be computed by direct measurement in a straight line from the nearest property line of the parcel of land on which the protected use is located to the nearest portion of the building or unit in which the medical marijuana center is located.

The location criteria above do not apply to a medical marijuana store that held a license prior to November 1, 2011, and was reopened on the same parcel it was licensed to operate on prior to November 1, 2011.

Location Criteria City Code

Zoning Map-Where can a marijuana licensed business be located?#

Each licensed Regulated Marijuana Business will need to be in the proper zone within the City of Fort Collins. Please check the map to ensure the marijuana license type is in the correct zone. If you have the correct zone, please also reach out to zoning/building to ensure the property and building has the proper "use" to allow marijuana. 

Download the Marijuana Zones Map

For more detailed information about zoning restrictions, visit our interactive zoning map.

Search by Point on Map

Desktop Viewer

  1. Click on "Point Identify" icon in the upper left of the screen
  2. Click on area of the map to learn about permitted zones for that location
  3. Information about Zoning Permits will appear to the left of the screen

Mobile Viewer

  1. Zoom in and tap on the map to get information about what the Zoning permits.

Search by Address

Desktop Viewer

  1. Click on "Tasks" tab in the upper left of the screen
  2. Click on the "Search by Address" icon
  3. Enter the exact address
  4. Click "Point Identify" icon to display Zoning Specific information

Mobile Viewer

  1. Tap on the "I want to..." menu
  2. Tap on "Find Location by Address"
  3. Enter the exact address and tap on "Search"
  4. Tap on the returned parcel information on the left side of the screen - this will show the location of the address on the map
  5. Tap on the map at this location to get information about what the Zoning permits

Interactive Zoning Map