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Political Committee Guidelines#

What is a Political Committee?#

In the context of Fort Collins municipal elections, a "political committee" is defined as:

(1)  Two or more persons who are elected, appointed or chosen, or have associated themselves, for the purpose of accepting contributions or making expenditures to support or oppose one or more candidates.

(2)  Any person that has accepted contributions for the purpose of supporting or opposing one or more candidates.

"Person" is defined as any individual, partnership, committee, association, corporation, labor organization or other organization or groups of persons.

It is important to note that the definition of "political committee" for Fort Collins municipal elections is different than the definition contained in the Fair Campaign Practices Act and that may be used by other municipalities.

Restrictions on Political Committee Activities#

Political committees can only make direct expenditures and are prohibited from making contributions to candidate committees.

Political committees are prohibited from coordinating its expenditures with any other committee.

These restrictions are different than those contained in the Fair Campaign Practices Act and those that may be used by other municipalities.

Political Committee Requirements#

All political committees are required to register with the City Clerk before accepting contributions or making expenditures.