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April 5, 2011 Regular Election

Official Candidates

  • Mayor
    • Ross Cunniff
    • Eric Sutherland
    • Karen K. Weitkunat
  • Councilmember District 2
    • Sue Pawlak
    • Lisa Poppaw
  • Councilmember District 4
    • Kristin Stephens
    • Wade Troxell
  • Councilmember District 6
    • Gerry Horak

Ballot Issues

  • City-Initiated Proposed Charter Amendment No. 1
    Pertaining to Council District Boundaries


    Yes 14,779 55.67%
    No 11,768 44.33%

    Ballot Language

    Shall Article II, Section 1 of the Fort Collins City Charter be amended to change the method for adjusting City Council district boundaries so that the size and configuration of Council districts will be based upon the number of people residing in each district rather than the number of registered electors?

    Full Text of the Ordinance

  • Citizen Initiated Ordinance
    (Ranked Voting)


    Yes 10,519 38.63%
    No 16,714 61.37%

    Ballot Language

    An ordinance amending the City Code by the addition of a new section 7-104 requiring that all races for Mayor or Councilmember which include at least three (3) candidates be conducted using a ranked voting method that is consistent with the requirements of state law.

    Full Text of the Ordinance

  • Citizen Initiated Ordinance
    (Library Park Construction)


    Yes 24,022 86.64%
    No 3,705 13.36%

    Ballot Language

    An ordinance modifying People's Ordinance No. 2, 1975 — which ordinance presently states that Block 142 (previously known as Lincoln Park and now known as Library Park) shall continue to be a public park and that no more than 5% of the area devoted to open-space park purposes shall be used as the site for construction of additional buildings or parking facilities — to state instead that 85% of Library Park will remain open park space, so that the ground floor of the library building can be expanded, using existing Library District funds, by building down from the existing overhangs of the building, thereby adding 6,000 square feet to the building.

    Full Text of the Ordinance

Registered Committees

Campaign Finance Reports and Independent Expenditures

Miscellaneous Information