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August 10, 2004#

Special Election held in conjunction with the Larimer County Primary Election

Ballot Issues

Ballot Issue 200
Citizen-Initiated Ordinance No. 1
(relating to collective bargaining by police employees)


For 8,403 51.02%
Against 8,068 48.98%

Ballot Issue 200

An ordinance granting police officers, community service officers, dispatchers, and certain police supervisors the right to organize and bargain collectively with the City; establishing procedures for collective bargaining regarding compensation, benefits, hours, and other conditions of employment, as well as procedures for deciding unresolved bargaining issues through binding arbitration; authorizing police employees to select a bargaining agent; requiring the City Council to select a panel of arbitrators to resolve impasses; requiring the bargaining agent and the City to equally share the expenses of arbitration; and prohibiting police employees from withholding services to the City by strike or other method.

Full text of the Ordinance


Campaign Finance Reports and Independent Expenditures#