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November 7, 2000#

Special Election held in conjunction with the Larimer County General Election

Ballot Issues

  • Ballot Issue 2A - Proposed Charter Amendment No. 1
    (Eliminating requirement that petition circulators be registered electors)


    Yes 23,713 54.91%
    No 19,476 45.09%

    Ballot Language

    Shall Article IX, Section 2 and Article X, Section 5 of the Charter of the City of Fort Collins, pertaining to petition circulators, be amended to eliminate the requirement that the circulators of initiative, referendum or recall petitions be registered electors of the city (which amendment is made necessary by a recent decision of the United States Supreme Court that prohibits such a requirement) and should these sections be further amended to require that the circulators of said petitions be at least 18 years of age?

  • Ballot Issue 2B - Proposed Charter Amendment No. 2
    (Amending residency requirements)


    Yes 21,363 48.20%
    No 22,955 51.80%

    Ballot Language

    Shall the residency requirement contained in Article IV, Section 3 of the Charter be amended so as to eliminate the requirement that division heads of the City live in the Urban Growth Area, with the understanding that the City Manager would still be required to live within the City limits and the deputy and assistant city managers, plus the directors of all major City administrative units who are directly responsible to the City Manager, would still be required to live in the Urban Growth Area?