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Candidate Guidelines#

April 6, 2021 Regular Election#

The Candidate Guidelines are intended to provide candidates for municipal office general information about the basic requirements of running for municipal office at the next regular municipal election in April of odd-numbered years..

Questions regarding the Candidate Guidelines or requirements of running for municipal office should be addressed to Rita Knoll, Chief Deputy City Clerk, at or by calling 970.221.6516.


Campaign Reporting Forms

The campaign report forms MUST be maintained in Excel format and submitted electronically as Excel files.

NOTE: All files were updated March 23, 2021 to correct minor formula/formatting errors.

Contributions from Limited Liability Companies (LLC) must be accompanied by the following form completed by the LLC and provided to the Committee. The Committee must retain the form, but it does not need to be filed with the City Clerk.

NOTE: Campaign Finance Reporting Forms must be filed electronically by emailing the Excel file to Rita Knoll, Chief Deputy City Clerk, at, and are considered timely if filed no later than midnight Mountain Standard Time on the date due.  The report due the Friday before the election is due at noon Mountain Standard Time.