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Job Opportunities#

Fort Collins 911 offers an exciting opportunity to begin or continue an interesting and challenging career. We do not continually accept applications but conduct the recruiting and hiring process as openings occur. For information about the current recruitment status or process please visit the jobs page.

Emergency Services Dispatcher General Information#

Dispatchers must:

  • Type a minimum of 40 wpm
  • Have computer skills
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Work in high stress/emergency situations
  • Demonstrate strong customer service skills

Dispatchers answer emergency and non-emergency phone calls, prioritize police, fire and medical calls, and determine and dispatch the appropriate response of emergency services' personnel via radio and computer-aided dispatch system.

All dispatchers are both CPR and Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certified. EMD protocol is used to determine appropriate responses of emergency personnel and provide citizens with pre-arrival instructions which may include critical instructions such as CPR or childbirth.

Dispatchers go through an extensive training program to become proficient at call taking, fire dispatching, and police dispatching. 

Once trained, a dispatcher works four – ten-hour shifts each week. The same shift is normally worked for three months. Dispatchers will bid for shift assignments once a year. Voluntary overtime is available and mandatory overtime may be required. Dispatchers are expected to respond during emergency situations or other times as necessary.

Fort Collins 911 offers a lateral hiring package for individuals that have public safety dispatch experience. Lateral pay ranges may be provided to candidates that meet specific criteria such as working in a comparable size department; having specific years of experience in Police, Fire and Medical dispatch; Emergency Medical Dispatching experience and other job-related skill requirements to include Training Instructor/Officer.

For more information about becoming a Fort Collins 911 dispatcher, call 970-221-6540.