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  •   Wed-Sat noon-6 p.m., Extended hours (6-9 p.m.) on First Friday Gallery Walks

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Gallery & Performance Space Rental Guidelines


The Carnegie Center for Creativity (CCC) is owned and operated by the City of Fort Collins, managed through the Lincoln Center. The CCC offers public gallery and performance spaces available to rent for exhibition, performance and presentation purposes. Rental of Gallery, Performance and Event spaces in the CCC are considered to be "non-exclusive." Building tenants, rental clients and staff should be creative in accommodating the logistical needs of multiple artists/renters sharing the common spaces.

After-hours rentals for receptions are available within the guidelines below. The space is not suitable for formal, seated "gala" type events.

Renters are responsible for the marketing and ticket sales of their own events.

Rental rates are already substantially discounted and subsidized by the Lincoln Center. No student or non-profit discounts apply.

The CCC is open to the public Wednesdays through Saturdays, 12-6 p.m. and is staffed during those hours by City personnel. Building capacity limitations (maximum of 150 people) will be strictly enforced.

Gallery Exhibit Use

Primary use of the Gallery space is for the exhibition of visual art with related programs (lectures, educational programs, related performance, gallery tours, etc.).

Gallery reservations can be made by the week, with a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks, and 6 weeks total within a calendar year. Weekly Gallery rental periods begin on Mondays and end on the following Sunday at noon. Renters must be ready to have the Gallery open to the public by Wednesday at noon.

Renters are responsible for the installation within the conditions described in the Gallery Rental Agreement and the Art Installation Guidelines provided below. Renters are required to meet with the Gallery Staff prior to any installation of artworks to review the Art Installation Guidelines. The Gallery Staff will oversee the installation process, light the exhibit, make all repairs to the gallery walls and equipment, and consult with you on any questions you may have.

Renters have the option to manage their own art sales or allow the CCC staff to handle sales. If the CCC staff handles a sale the CCC will retain a commission of 12.5% of the sale price. If the Renter sells a piece of artwork it can be removed from the Gallery and replaced with another piece, or left in place until the end of the rental period.

Gallery Performance and Presentation Use

The Gallery is available for performance space on an hourly or weekly rental basis for performances including theatre, dance, music and literary performances, as well as lecture-style presentations for arts and culture purposes. Performances and presentations may not contain nudity, and must not be commercial, obscene or pornographic in nature. Sound amplification is allowed with approval of CCC Staff.

Hourly performance reservations are available with a 2-hour minimum, and a limit of 4 consecutive days and a total of 8 days within a one-year period. Weekly performance reservations must be for the Full Gallery are limited to 3 weeks in a calendar year and are not available on a 1st Friday Gallery Walk week. Performances and presentations must be contained to the designated space unless otherwise approved by CCC Staff. Full gallery rentals for performances are available with a limit of two weeks/year. Additional fees for tech and performance rehearsals may be charged.

The Set-in and strike of temporary stage equipment or minimal sets is allowed in accordance with the Installation Guidelines and must be approved in advance by CCC Staff in Staff’s discretion.

The Renter is responsible for the sale of performance tickets. CCC Staff will not assist with ticket sales in any way. Ticketed performances may be scheduled for Wednesday through Saturday evenings, 6-10 p.m., except for the First Friday of each month. Performances scheduled for First Friday evenings must be approved by the CCC staff, and must be free, open and appropriate for a general audience.

Installation Guidelines

  • Renters must first meeting with the Gallery Staff to review these guidelines. Contact Chris Bates,970-690-2459, to arrange for an installation time.
  • Art Installation periods must be scheduled with the Gallery Staff for the Monday and/or Tuesday during the rental period. De-installation and cleanup must be completed by Sunday at noon, unless otherwise arranged with the Gallery Staff. All artwork and private property must be removed by the end of the rental period. Except for the artwork on display, no supplies, materials, additional artworks or other property may be stored on the premises.
  • Renters must hang artworks using the hardware provided by the CCC unless otherwise approved by the Gallery Staff.
  • All construction must be done off-site, with only clean assembly on-site.
  • Renters may not paint on gallery walls.
  • Please be prepared with your own hand tools (hammers, measuring tools, levels, etc.)
  • Property of the CCC may not be removed from the building.
  • Only the Gallery Staff may adjust or hang lighting, make repairs to or paint the gallery walls and equipment.
  • The CCC provides a limited number of pedestals for the exhibition of 3-D artworks and chairs for performances. Other furnishings should be provided by the Renter.
  • All performance set equipment must be free-standing, cannot attach to the walls or ceiling in any way, and must be removed at the end of each discreet rental period.
  • Set installation times must be scheduled with Gallery Staff and cannot impede the public gallery viewing hours.
  • Sets that impede the viewing of the artwork during non-performance times (except during set-in and strike times immediately before and after performance times) must be completely removed by the Renter and cannot be stored on the premises.
  • Renters are responsible to pay for all damages beyond normal wear and tear (e.g., holes sustained as a result of approved hardware and usage) incurred during rental period.

Liability For Damages, Loss And Injury

  • The City will provide reasonable care and security for artwork, but the City is not responsible for any loss or damage to artwork while on the City’s premises, except in cases involving negligence by the City or its employees, volunteers or agents. Renters may provide their own insurance if they choose.
  • Renters install their artwork, performance or presentation at their own risk, and the City is not responsible for injuries or damages sustained to persons or artwork in the act of installing or preparing the gallery for the exhibition or performance, except in cases involving negligence by the City or its employees, volunteers or agents.
  • Renters may provide their own insurance if they choose.

Reservation And Cancellation Guidelines

  • Reservations are accepted up to one year in advance and in accordance with the limitations referred to in "Gallery Use" and "Performance Use".
  • Completion of the Rental Application does not constitute reservation of the requested rental space. Full payment of rental fees, damage deposits and a signed contract are required to reserve the space. Reservations will be confirmed by CCC Staff upon full completion of all requirements.
  • The Renter is responsible for cleaning the rented space and leaving it in the condition in which it was found by the close of the rental period. The Damage Deposit will be returned upon inspection of the rented space and confirmation that no damage was sustained and no further cleaning is required. The costs for any required repairs and/or cleaning deemed necessary by CCC Staff and caused by the actions of the Renter or his/her employees, volunteers or agents will be subtracted from the Damage Deposit.
  • A full refund will be granted for cancellations by the Renter up to 90 days in advance of the Rental Period. A refund will be granted for cancellations fewer than 90 days in advance of the Rental Period only if the City is able to rent the space to another party, but the City is under no obligation to do so. The City reserves the right to cancel the Rental Agreement at any time up to 30 days in advance of the Rental Period. In the event of such a cancellation by the City, the City will issue the Renter a full refund.

Operational Information

Equipment Use

Renters may use the following equipment on a first-come, first-served basis during their rental period:

  • 25 molded plastic gallery chairs with metal arm rests
  • 25 padded chairs with no arms (available for gallery/performance events, if not in use by classroom rental)
  • 2 8' x 30" tables
  • 2 6' x 30" tables
  • 4 4' x 8' risers for performance use
  • Various sizes and styles of pedestals for artwork

Use of this equipment is non-exclusive and should be coordinated with the permission of the gallery staff.


Receptions may be scheduled in addition to a Gallery or Performance Rental and require an additional fee of $35/hr when held outside of regular gallery hours (6-9pm, Wednesday – Saturday). The Renter may host a public reception in the Gallery Space and serve food and non-alcoholic beverages. The Renter is responsible for set up and cleanup of the reception.

Alcohol Beverage Service

If the Renter wishes to host a party or reception at which alcohol will be served, such party must be private and by invitation only, alcohol cannot be sold, only served at no charge by a TIPS certified server, and the Renter must sign a separate rider to be attached to the Rental Agreement and follow the Guidelines for Private Party Events.

The Alcohol rider requires Liquor Liability Insurance of $1,000,000 coverage. The Lincoln Center can provide event and liquor liability insurance for $130-$150 per event. TIPS certification is available at for $40 per server and is valid for 3 years. TIPS certified bartenders typically charge about $20-$50/hour to serve alcohol at a private party.

Food Service

  • All catering must be performed by a licensed and insured caterer. Approval of vendors is at the CCC’s discretion.
  • The CCC will allow Renters to bring their own commercially pre-prepared and packaged snacks (grocer deli-trays, for example) to events without hiring a caterer. No ‘home-made’ food is allowed to be served. Gloves must be worn for food handling at all times.
  • The CCC does not supply table service of any kind. All serving equipment, furniture and supplies must be furnished by the Renter and is subject to approval by the CCC Staff.
  • Please consider using only reusable or recyclable serviceware. No Styrofoam is allowed.

Reception and Event Decorations

  • Use of glitter, rice, confetti, and bird seed in the facility or on the grounds is prohibited, and extraordinary housekeeping charges will be assessed if used.
  • Only candles with an enclosed flame or simulated candles are permitted.
  • No decorations, signs, posters or displays may be taped, nailed, stapled, tacked, or otherwise affixed to any facility surface, facility equipment or art pieces, except in strict accordance with the Art Installation Guidelines at the approval of Gallery Staff.

Rubbish Removal

  • The Renter is responsible for removal of all rubbish generated from the Renter’s contracted event. Recycling and trash dumpsters are located on the east side of the building for this purpose.
  • Any rubbish remaining in the facility after the event including, but not limited to, brochures, boxes, decorations and other event materials, will be disposed of at a substantial charge to the Renter.

Safety And Security

Fire safety requirements

All fire extinguisher cabinets, fire alarm pull stations and emergency exits (including those inside an event or exhibit space) must be visible and accessible at all times. All main and cross aisles, corridors, stairways and other exits must be maintained at their required width during event hours.

All aisles must be at least 36" and free of chairs, tables and other miscellaneous equipment. Materials used in the construction of sets and displays must be fire retardant and/or resistant and are subject to approval by CCC Staff.

Emergency Situations

In the event of a serious emergency (Fire, Police, Medical), immediately notify CCC Staff and/or call 911. The operator answering your call will follow up with the appropriate emergency services agency.


If for any reason evacuation of the facility becomes necessary, please exit quickly but calmly following the directions of the CCC Staff in your area. If possible, take staff and attendees lists and proceed as directed by CCC Staff.

Building Use Guidelines

Building Hours

The Building is open to the public Wednesdays through Saturdays, noon to 6 p.m. Evening performances must end by 9 p.m. and the building will close at 10 p.m.

Rentals can be scheduled before or after normal hours at the discretion of the CCC Staff.


Free “on street" diagonal parking is available around the building. Please note there are some time limits on parking spaces.


Smoking is not permitted in the CCC facility or on the CCC grounds

We ask for your cooperation in preventing litter, inconvenience, health hazards for others and informing production personnel, performers, invited guests and others about this policy.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The CCC makes every effort to accommodate staff and patrons with disabilities and adhere to all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This facility is equipped with a wheelchair ramp at the east Lower Level entrance of the building, and an elevator to the Gallery level. There are accessible restrooms on the Lower Level. If you have concerns about the efforts to serve people with disabilities, please contact the Lincoln Center Administration Office at 970-221-6733.

Diversity Commitment

The CCC is committed to treating all staff, clients, guests, performers, and suppliers with dignity and respect. The CCC’s goal is to create an environment free from any form of harassment, discrimination or violence.

Circumstances and operations not covered in these Guidelines will be subject to interpretation, stipulations and decisions deemed necessary and appropriate by the CCC.