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Share Some Shade#

Share Some Shade

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Impact Made Easy.  

A tax-deductible gift of $450 buys, plants and cares for a new tree in the Fort Collins canopy.  

Trees are 2-inch in caliper and drought-tolerant, and the species selected by our City Forester, Kendra Boot. From deciduous to evergreen, from linden to honeylocust, from elm to oak, each and every tree in our canopy:  

  • Captures Rainfall and Reduces Storm Water Runoff. 
  • Reduces Noise Pollution, and Can Lower Energy Costs 
  • Improves our Air Quality 

Give green today!

Plan[t] for the Future.#

  • The City of Fort Collins has over 2,000 vacant tree sites: trees that once existed but haven’t been replaced over the years. 
  • Ash trees make up 33% of our City’s canopy with over 7,000 in the City’s inventory, and they are in danger. The emerald ash borer (EAB) is a highly-destructive wood boring beetle that’s made its way to Colorado. To keep our tree canopy lush and healthy, join us and plant a tree resistant to the EAB. 

The City of Fort Collins Forestry teams maintains more than 54,000 trees along streets and in parks, cemeteries, golf courses and other City facilities or property. Our commitment is to sustain a safe, healthy and attractive urban forest. Your support makes a green and great difference. 

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