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A person shoplifting
Five people meeting at a conference table


The City of Fort Collins RESTORE program is a juvenile diversion program for young people who have shoplifted to deal with their charge in a way that is meaningful to themselves and the community.

RESTORE is a volunteer-driven program which supports young offenders as they identify the harm caused by shoplifting theft—to victims, merchants, law enforcement, families, and the community—and, helps youths who have made a poor decision avoid the stigmatization and the far-reaching consequences of a criminal conviction.

Philanthropic support will:

  • Keep young people out of the criminal justice system
  • Hold young people who shoplift accountable for their theft in a way that is meaningful to themselves and our community
  • Enable participants to repair the harm caused by their crime by giving back to the community, their families and taking steps to prevent future shoplifting theft
  • Connect young people and families with needed community resources
  • Leverage RESTORE’s current success to the next level of operational, programmatic, and organizational maturity.

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