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November 7, 2017

Special Election held in conjunction with the Larimer County Coordinated Election

Ballot Issues

Ballot Question 2B

City-Initiated Proposed Charter Amendment No. 1

Shall Article XII of the City of Fort Collins Charter be amended to allow, but not require, City Council to authorize, by ordinance and without a vote of the electors, the City's electric utility or a separate telecommunications utility to provide telecommunication facilities and services, including the transmission of voice, data, graphics and video using broadband Internet facilities, to customers within and outside Fort Collins, whether directly or in whole or part through one or more third-party providers, and in exercising this authority, to: (1) issue securities and other debt, but in a total amount not to exceed $150,000,000; (2) set the customer charges for these facilities and services subject to the limitations in the Charter required for setting the customer charges of other City utilities; (3) go into executive session to consider matters pertaining to issues of competition in providing these facilities and services; (4) establish and delegate to a Council-appointed board or commission some or all of the Council's governing authority and powers granted in this Charter amendment, but not the power to issue securities and other debt; and (5) delegate to the City Manager some or all of Council's authority to set customer charges for telecommunication facilities and services?

Full Text of the Amendment


Yes/For 21,769 57.14%
No/Against 16,328 42.86%

Ballot Question 2C

City-Initiated Proposed Ordinance

Shall the proposed Ordinance amending Section 15-491 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins be adopted, so as to allow the City Council, if it desires, to adopt amendments to or add provisions in Chapter 15, Article XVI of the City Code pertaining to Medical Marijuana Businesses in order to stay current with applicable state laws, rules and regulations, so long as such amendments or additions are not contrary to and do not eliminate any of the 2012 citizen-initiated provisions, except as provided in Sec. 15-491(b)?

Full Text of the Amendment


Yes/For 26,247 70.97%
No/Against 10,734 29.03%

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