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November 5, 2013

Special Election held in conjunction with the Larimer County General Election

Ballot Issues

  • Citizen-Initiated Measure

    Placing a Five-Year Moratorium on the Use of Hydraulic Fracturing Within the City of Fort Collins or Under Its Jurisdiction to Extract Oil, Gas, or Other Hydrocarbons and to Store and Dispose of Its Waste Products


    For 24,176 56.53%
    Against 18,591 43.47%

    Ballot Language

    An ordinance placing a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing and the storage of its waste products within the City of Fort Collins or on lands under its jurisdiction for a period of five years, without exemption or exception, in order to fully study the impacts of this process on property values and human health, which moratorium can be lifted upon a ballot measure approved by the people of the City of Fort Collins and which shall apply retroactively as of the date this measure was found to have qualified for placement on the ballot.

    Full Text of the Ordinance

Miscellaneous Information