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Air Quality Advisory Board Recommendations to City Council

Recommendation Date
  Radon Mitigation Recommendation" 04-18-17
  Downtown Plan Recommendation      12-19-16
  Community Recycling Ordinance      08-15-16
  West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor      07-27-16
  Budgeting for Outcomes for the 2017-18 Budget      07-27-16
  Funding for Energy Efficiency Programs      07-19-16
  Fugitive Dust Control Ordinance      02-23-15
  Recommendation on Climate Action Framework Plan      03-03-15
  Statement on Climate Action Plan      12-15-14
  Recommendation on Draft Air Permit for MMM Asphalt Plant     08-25-14
  Recommendations on BFO Offers     07-30-14
  Recommendations for GHG Goals      01-31-14
  Priorities for Budgeting For Outcomes Strategic Plan     12-18-13
  Air Quality and Transportation Corridor Planning     10-11-13
  Recommendation on Fugitive Dust Control Plan     06-18-13
  Recommendation on Air Quality Emerging Issues for 2013     04-22-13
  Recommendation on Disposable Bags     11-19-12
  Recommendation on Cardboard Disposal     11-19-12
  Recommendation on Climate Action Plan     09-19-12
  Recommendation on Parking Plan     09-19-12
  Recommendation on 2013-2014 Budget     09-11-12
  White Paper on Air Quality Challenges Relating to Oil and Gas     06-20-12
  Recommendation on Corn Ethanol     10-21-11
  Recommendation on E-Bikes on Trails     06-21-11
  Recommendation on Building Code - Green Amendment Update     02-28-11
  Recommendation on Transportation Master Plan     02-08-11
  Recommendation on City Plan     12-29-10
  Recommendation on Proposed City Plan Air Quality Policies     11-10-10
  Recommendation on 2011/2012 Proposed Budget     10-20-10
  Recommendation on Plan Fort Collins Key Policy Choices     07-22-10
  Recommendation on Environmental Health Budget     09-22-09
  Recommendation on Climate Action Plan Implementation     07-20-09
  Recommendation on Mountain Vista Subarea Plan     07-20-09
  Support SB-003 on Motor Vehicle Emissions Programs     02-17-09
  Recommendation on I-25 Draft EIS     12-16-08
  Recommendation on the Energy Policy     11-26-08
  Recommendation on Climate Action Plan     11-26-08
  Support the Climate Action Plan     10-27-08
  Support the Trash Districting     09-16-08
  Support the Ozone Action Plan     08-25-08
  West Nile Virus Management Policy     06-26-08
  Vehicle Inspection Program     06-20-08
  Mobility Management Best Practices     06-20-08
  Building Code Amendments  
  (including multi-family radon requirements)  
  Bicycle Plan Update     12-03-07
  2008-09 Budget     10-13-07
  Reconvene West Nile Virus Task Force     07-25-07
  City Trash Collection Utility     05-29-07
  Climate Change Actions     01-02-07
  Transportation Policy     11-09-06
  Smoking Ordinance     09-01-06
  Convene Climate Task Force     08-12-06