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Pianos About Town#

100th Piano

The 100th piano mural painted by Karina Branson in 2018.

Pianos About Town is a collaborative project between the City of Fort Collins Art In Public Places Program, Bohemian Foundation, and the Downtown Development Authority. The project combines art and music for the enjoyment of the community. Pianos are painted from May through October in Old Town Square, where the public can interact with the artists as they work. Pianos are also painted in the winter months, in various public indoor locations. The completed pianos then rotate to various locations throughout Fort Collins, inviting people to admire the artwork and play a tune.

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All Pianos Image Gallery

Our 2024 Murals!#

CM Canino's piano mural design featuring African animals

CM Canino

Chloe Cochran's piano mural design featuring a pattern of wild flowers

Chloe Cochran

Chelsea Ermer's mural design with pomegranates and gemstones

Chelsea Ermer

Cassie Fazio and Joel Robinson's mural design with miners and tommyknockers

Cassie Fazio and Joel Robinson

Henry Hanes' piano mural design showing landscape and colored circles

Henry Hanes

Kara Johnson's mural design of a abstract floral-like design

Kara Johnson

Emily Ku's piano mural design of fall leaves on water with the sun shinning above

Emily Ku

Rebekah Lwanga's design of a fanciful forest with a dragon in the sky

Rebekah Lwanga

Christina Pruneski's mural design of a calliope instrument with Fort Collins imagery

Christina Pruneski

Ryan Sauter's piano mural design of a sun raising over water with trees below

Ryan Sauter

Lydia Tarleton's piano mural design featuring color blocks with graphic imagery Fort Collins activities

Lydia Tarleton