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Jenna Allen

Jenna Allen

The poem helps ground us in our everyday lives, since so much of our lives is spent in motion, in travel, in transit. “Here You Are” is a simple phrase that reminds us to be connected to the here and the now.

On various Transfort buses


Jen Barnes

My morning drive in search of coffee, distracted by the sunrise and fog situation near the Environmental Learning Center.

Prospect & Academy, Route 18


Adeley Brody, Age 9

I made this for while people are on the bus, they can enjoy this art and have this sweet poem in their head.

Olive & Matthews, Route 18


Aralyn Burghelea, Age 9

Horsetooth is where me and my family go camping. It makes me happy, and I want to share happiness with others.

Horsetooth & Meadowlark, Route 6

Ivan Davis

Ivan Davis, Age 9

I like biking with my dad, and I like alternate transportation.

Taft Hill & Horsetooth, Route 6

Geese by Nanci Erskine

Nanci Erskine

Geese are a ubiquitous part of my Fort Collins story—we love to go walking at the ponds off Prospect Road and watch flocks of them migrating in the sky.

Taft Hill & Clearview, Route 6

Abstract Art

Diane Findley

Staying young in Fort Collins has a lot to do with diving into adult swim at City Park Pool.
It is a glorious hour when I can swim laps, do handstands and watch the clouds pass by.

Meldrum & Magnolia, Route 10

Kids Drawing

Aideen Foster, Age 7

Me and my grandma taking a walk at Rolland Moore Park. It is just so pretty
this time of year. It’s so green and so colorful. Rolland Moore is so lovely.

Drake & Shields, Route 19

Sloane French

Sloane French

When I moved into our small house on Oak Street twenty-three years ago, the trees in the alleys were alive with magpies. In less than a decade, I stopped seeing magpies in Fort Collins. I suspect climate change is the answer.

On various Transfort buses

Kids Drawing

Elodie Froggatt, Age 8

I love the mountain view. I just think it is one of the most prettiest things!

Prospect & Fuqua, Route 2

Kids Drawing

Ayslee Gowan, Age 7

Walking in a park and seeing trees and mountains and a blue sky and hills and yellow grass.

Lemay & Swallow, Route 5

Kids Drawing

Citlali Herrera Garcia, Age 10

I love biking on my bike near the Poudre River. I also like the smell of nature when the air hits my face.

Drake & Power Trail, Route 7

Abstract Art

Maria Hettinga

Biking, hiking, and walking in Fort Collins’ Natural Areas are some of my favorite pastimes. I draw inspiration the rugged horizon and striking sunsets that often grace Fort Collins.

Shields & Prospect, Route 7

Kids Drawing

Rory Jackman, Age 8

I drew a picture of the Gardens on Spring Creek. It really makes me happy. I wanted to share because I like making people happy.

Centre & Botanical, Horn Route

Kids Drawing

Elika Jarrett, Age 9

I love how peaceful the Poudre River is. I’m in my element. The soft hum of the dragonflies brings a wave of calm over me. I’d like to share this feeling because it is so freeing in my heart.

Lemay & Poudre River Drive, Route 5

Kids Drawing

Rian Kim, Age 9

I drew the trolley because you can ride on it and enjoy yourself.

Elizabeth & City Park WB, Route 3

Yuna Kim

Yuna Kim, Age 10

I painted the CSU Flower Trial Garden. I like to go to the garden with my family. My goal is for people at the bus stop to feel relaxed and joyful while waiting for the bus.

College & Lake, Gold Route

Michelle Mach

Michelle Mach

I use the time at the bus stop to observe. First, all of the wheels that share the road, then the unusual shapes of hub caps, and finally imagine what else these shapes could be.

King Soopers & Elizabeth, Route 2


As a writer and a poet, hiker and cyclist, I adore nature and try to “record it” in such a fashion that others will feel the experiences I am capturing on the page.

Kids Drawing

Camila Padilla, Age 8

My dad always takes me to Twin Silo Park every week and he took me there when I was little.

Harmony & Ziegler, Route 16

Kids Drawing

Thomas Page, Age 9

I was going on a hike when I saw a cactus, but it was different and my mom said it was a prickly pear cactus. I saw this at Arthur’s Rock. I drew a picture of the cactus because it has delicious fruits.

College & Trilby, Flex Route

Jamie Quint

Jamie Quint

My artwork honors the indigenous peoples who once populated the Fort Collins area.

Stanford & Monroe, Route 12


Allison Ramirez

I love that we can find beautiful ways to enjoy our hobbies here in our city without having to travel to the mountains every week.

Harmony & Starflower, Route 19


Dave Rorabeck

Looking west from the Red Fox Meadows, I can spot many of the hallmarks that brought me to Fort Collins; Horsetooth Rock, the “A”, great blue herons, and the ubiquitous Canada geese. This is truly my happy place and will always be home.

Taft Hill & Prospect, Route 6


Anne Rose

While the city itself ebbs and flows and is constantly changing and evolving, the one place I find steady solace is the Poudre River.

Lemay & Elizabeth NB, Route 5

Asher Sage

Asher Sage, Age 11

I chose to draw a mini bus because at the house I used to live in there was a MAX bus really close to it. Me and my dad would go there and take it to Old Town.

Swallow Station (Swallow & McClelland), Route 6

Kids Drawing

Charlotte Sanders, Age 9

I believe you have to see Horsetooth before you can imagine it. I want the people that can’t see the real Horsetooth to see this and imagine it. I hope people who see it can imagine or remember the beautiful rock.

Horsetooth & Windmill, Route 6

Painting of House

Werner Schreiber

Horsetooth Mountain is part of the city—and the city is part of Horsetooth Mountain, especially overlooking the city lights at dusk.

Horsetooth & Colony, Route 6

Artwork of Trolley

Sterling Shallbetter

I chose this subject out of my appreciation for public transportation and history.

Laurel & Shields, Route 19


Ava Vandagriff

A vintage bus on Lemay Street with colors to show beautiful Fort Collins.

Lemay & Drake, Route 5

Kids Drawing

Isley Williams, Age 8

I picked roller skating because if people see it, then I think they would be surprised, and they would want to go roller skating more often.

Lincoln & Lemay, Route 14

Jo Ann Yandel

Jo Ann Yandle

I want to engage the bus rider by greeting them, acknowledging them, and engaging them with a question or two that they may reflect on as they wait, ride, and arrive.

Custer & Illinois, Route 7

Yuna Kim's artwork at Centre and Botanical.

Yuna Kim's artwork at Centre and Botanical.