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Whimsical Musical Machine

Cheng Li

The Whimsical Musical Machine is a reimagination of the complex machinery inside an upright piano. Instead of strings and hammers, this piano is powered by gears and pipes. The pipes originate from the pedal to form a network that wraps around the entire piano. The interconnected pipes invite the viewers to take a look around all sides of the piano to follow their path. These pipes are striped with different color combinations to simulate transportation of the colors through them. In the front of the piano, a rainbow bursts out of the two ends of these pipes. The playful creatures go about their day in this world—some enjoy the day by sliding down on the rainbow, others sing—all live happily inside the piano.

Cheng Li is a software engineer with a passion for art.  She loves to challenge herself by learning various media for her work. She was born in Japan and grew up exploring the lush hills of Japan and the swampy grasslands of Houston. She now lives in Longmont, and calls Colorado and the mountains her home. Cheng is an avid hiker, and when not outdoors, she likes to spend her time playing the piano and solving crosswords. She is excited for the opportunity to share her art and connect with people through public art.