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The Universe in a Piano Shell

Kris B. Mendonça

Wondering about the universe is part of human nature. We create stories, legends, myths, folklore and knowledge based on our curiosity about our planet and others. The idea behind this design is to create a world around the piano. Exploring the theme in a fun colorful and lighthearted way, using comic-inspired style and narrative to depict Fort Collins (Horsetooth Mountain and Reservoir), space and other parts of the world on the opposite side. The bottom represents earth, the keyboard represents the atmosphere (or clouds when lifted), and the top represents outer space.

Kris B. Mendonça is a Brazilian multimedia artist based in Fort Collins. He's been working as an illustrator for over 16 years, from murals, storyboarding to creating and writing comics/graphic novels with queer characters. He's a dance instructor, a movie maker and performs as Krisa Gonna in drag. He believes all his artistic endeavors are interconnected, channeling beauty, creativity and critical thinking.