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The Secret Life of Hummingbirds

Elisabeth Marsh , Audrey McCollough

Elisabeth Marsh and Audrey McCullough hope to draw in observers to take a closer look when they spot various hummingbird species flitting in and around the large flowers of the mural. The scene is set on a background with a bright blue sky and pastel clouds. Their desire is to create images of beauty that will inspire onlookers to notice beauty and the importance in the small things around them—not only in the mural but in everyday life.

Elisabeth and Audrey both enjoy capturing the beauty of nature. While Elisabeth paints delicate intricacies of flowers, Audrey enjoys sketching birds in all stages of flight. Elisabeth and Audrey are excited to combine their artistic expertise in the 2021 Pianos about Town project and look forward to more collaborative artwork in the future. Currently, Elisabeth is majoring in Music with Elective Studies at Wheaton College, Illinois, with art being her elective study. Audrey is homeschooled and also enjoys music. Elisabeth and Audrey are fascinated by the way beauty, both visual and audible, brings people together. They hope their artwork will draw spectators in and cause them to embrace the moment through contemplating beauty.