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The Muse of Music

Athena Koss
Art in Action Tent, south of Old Town Square on Mountain Avenue

Athena Koss' design The Muse of Music depicts Euterpe, the Greek muse of music, exploring  music old and new. On the front of the piano, Euterpe can be seen lounging with her DJ Mixer, listening to her remixes through headphones. On the back of the piano, she elegantly plays her flute for the mountaintops. This stained-glass inspired piano, explores the theme of music and its evolution. To further emphasize the theme of the evolution of music, a lute is shown on one side of the piano and it’s modern successor, an electric guitar, on the other. A phonograph and a speaker were also added to touch on the evolution of how we listen to recorded music. Athena added mountains into the background scenery and on the top of the piano to pay an homage to her adopted state of Colorado.

Athena is a self-taught artist originally from Southeastern Pennsylvania. She's lived in Fort Collins for the past 6 years where she graduated from Colorado State University. Her interest in art began in middle school and she's been creating ever since. She likes to experiment with a variety of mediums but is drawn to painting, both digitally and on paper. She loves to be able to tell a story through her art and finds herself often inspired by folktales, mythology, and stories from the past.