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Sweet Treats

Anna Berman

Anna Berman's mural design is in honor of the friendships she made when she first moved to Fort Collins. She was nervous about leaving home and meeting new people. One of her favorite activities with new friends was explore downtown and find different bakeries, candy, and sweet shops, and try out the local goods. This became a tradition and they would meet regularly to fix their sugar cravings. This not only forged deep friendships, but she also felt more comfortable around town and got to know the city she lived in. Even today, she continues the tradition of finding local bakeries and candy shops in any new place that she's in. Anna recently moved back to Fort Collins and wants to use this project as a way to get to know my community again. She’ll engage with people and meet new folks over the topic of sweet treats again. This time, they’re just not edible.

Anna has always had a passion for art and design. She earned a Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University with a concentration in Graphic Design. After working in graphic design, she eventually ended up in Product Design, creating app experiences. Along with creating graphics, she’s able to connect with the people who interact with her designs, in order to help create a positive experience when navigating an app. Anna’s desire to create art keeps her busy with both freelance design gigs and passion projects. Now that she is back living in Fort Collins, Anna is so excited for this opportunity to not only create a mural, but also engage with the community.